Author : Diana Robertson


Most of the pressing societal problems have been solved by using robots over the past decades. During the COVID 19 pandemic, healthcare and manufacturing industries have turned to using the technology for them to be able to keep their processes moving forward as well as satisfying their customers.  Taskin Padir is a professor in the […]

Innovative Medical Lab Technology

Hey there. Today I will be talking about some innovative Medical Laboratory technology. These technologies are some of the hottest available from the year 2021. Check out the rest of this piece and find out a lot more.  List of Innovative Medical Lab Technologies  Advanced Telemedicine Did you know that Telemedicine has taken quite a […]

How Common is Animal Testing in the Medical Field?

You’re not the only one who has asked this question. You’re not the only vegetarian. Various other people want to know how Common animal testing is or has been done in the Medical Field. Well, today I’ll be giving you some information about that. Let’s go.  All through time, animals have been repeatedly used for […]

Memory Foam-Like Materials Could Aid in Robotic Flexibility

Did you know that if Memory Foam-Like Materials were added to the creation and development of robots, it would quickly increase the flexibility of these robots? This article would talk about the unique parts of a robot that one could utilize memory foam materials to increase the level of flexibility of your robots. It would […]

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