Most of the pressing societal problems have been solved by using robots over the past decades. During the COVID 19 pandemic, healthcare and manufacturing industries have turned to using the technology for them to be able to keep their processes moving forward as well as satisfying their customers. 

Taskin Padir is a professor in the master of Robotics program from the College in Northeast of Engineering. He stated that when it is hard to solve societal problems, that is the time we start to imagine the solving of problems through a machine. As the growth of robotics improves, it makes the need for trained professionals who have knowledge and skills to an extent essential to meet the increasing demand of customers.

As you read further, we will explore all the details we need to know about robotics and the career that uses robotics in their work.

What Is Robotics?

Robotics can be an interdisciplinary space that sits at the essential point at the issue of mechanical engineering, computer science and electrical engineering. Robotics do a lot more by studying human factors to adopt the technologies of robots in different applications.

Peter went along with his definition of a robot by saying it’s a machine that can sense its environment, act in the physical world, and compute its actions. The robots can come in different ways, either by a drone for package delivery, self-driving car, mechanical arm sorting product, and many other things. 

The only common thing is that these machines are autonomous machines that leverage artificial and complex software intelligence for their task to be completed.

Careers That Uses Robotics In Their Daily life

Some careers use Robotics daily. And the development of autonomous machines is contributed by robotics. Below is the profession that uses robotics in their daily life.

Design Engineer

Design engineers are incharge of creating the visual look of a robot. They have procedures that they follow to achieve a graphic look. First of all, they sketch blueprints, the intended robot design figure, schematics. After that, they work alongside mechanical engineering for the smooth run of their plan during development.

Although, the design engineer work is mainly based on the physical appearance, functions and performance of a robot. A design engineer should not think that since his work is based on appearance, he doesn’t need to know much about computer science. 

That will not be nice, and a design engineer needs to have advanced computer science knowledge. They need to be able to under how the different components of their designs hoes together to enable the machine’s life.

Software Engineer

The development of software that will enable the machine’s function is in the hands of the software engineers in robotics. They work closely with software programmers and designers to be able to form new software with their systems that have been existing.


Robotics is becoming more popular as the day passes. They are essential for different purposes, making work fast as ever before. Although robots also need the assistance of artificial intelligence to perform well. There are many more careers in that robotics can be used in daily work, and you be sure it fosters a smooth workflow.

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