How Common is Animal Testing in the Medical Field?

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You’re not the only one who has asked this question. You’re not the only vegetarian. Various other people want to know how Common animal testing is or has been done in the Medical Field. Well, today I’ll be giving you some information about that. Let’s go. 

All through time, animals have been repeatedly used for various research biomedically. Early Greek Physician-scientists like Erasistratus and Aristotle have performed a variety of experiments on animals that were alive. Also, Galen, a Greek physician practicing in Rome and was also a strong giant in medical history, conducted various experiments on animals, which aided our understanding of pharmacology, pathology, physiology, and anatomy. 

Ibn Zuhr, a physician from Arabia in the middle of the 12th century in Spain, introduced testing of animals as a method available to test procedures surgically before these procedures were applied to human patients. 

In recent years, using animals for research biomedically has come under severe criticism by various animal rights and animal protection groups. Some laws were passed in different countries, which have made the practice a little more humane. There are debates on all of these ethics on testing animals that have raged since the seventeenth century. 

Around the nineteenth century, Theodore Roosevelt also stated that having common sense in the absence of conscience could lead to crime. But conscience without the presence of common sense could end up leading to folly, which is also the handmaiden of corruption. 

What happens in the 20th century relating to Animal Testing in the Medical Field 

Drug testing making use of animals was quite crucial in the 20th century. In 1937, pharmaceutical companies were available in the United States of America that created a mixture of sulfanilamide that used diethylene glycol (DEG) to serve as a solvent. It called this mixture Elixir Sulfanilamide an elixir, and it was entirely poisonous for people. The chief chemist and pharmacist weren’t aware of this development. They just added flavorings of raspberries to the drug, then he dissolved it inside the DEG, and then the company ultimately marketed the product to the public. This ended up causing the deaths of more than one hundred people. 

The drug was not tested on animals. This led to the law passed in 1938 through the Food and the Cosmetic act that required all drugs to be pushed through live animals before being marketed. 

My thoughts on Medical Field Animal Testing 

Countries are scared of things like vaccines and new drugs because they do not know how well it has been tested. Also, one cannot verify how well these drugs or vaccines have been tested by simply checking through Google. It would be best if all medicines, vaccines, and everything new pass through animals and they are pushed through animals before humans get to either taste them or make use of them. There we have it. This way, we would be sure that all the drugs that we take have been properly tested. 

How Common is Animal Testing in the Medical Field?

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