Most of the pressing societal problems have been solved by using robots over the past decades. During the COVID 19 pandemic, healthcare and manufacturing industries have turned to using the technology for them to be able to keep their processes moving forward as well as satisfying their customers.  Taskin Padir is a professor in the […]

Top Programmable Robotics Kits

I think we all have watched movies that we’ve seen or noticed robots taking over one world. This has been shown in different movies. But we all should know that robots have no plans of going anywhere. Automation is much in production. These production nerves both software programming and robotic engineering. With the rate at […]

How to Use Bluetooth Robotics

Robotics is a great technology that has come to stay in the 21st century. A lot of companies and industries are beginning to transform their manpower into the use of these machines. Robotics is here to stay, and a lot of individuals and groups are slowly embracing the concept. In the field of robotics, there […]

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