Does At-Home Ear Acupressure Work?

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Presently, ear seeds are given to people to serve as a complement to various forms of acupuncture. It also acts as a complement to cupping and other traditional Chinese medical treatments. They are things you could easily use at home. But what are Ear Seeds? 

What are Ear Seeds? 

Ear seeds are magnets that are gold-coated that provide acupressure to one’s ears. 

You can get the WTHN EAR SEED Kit for forty-five dollars. 

What are the Origins of Ear Seeds? 

Ear seeds originated to support well-being and health and deliver acupuncture to the ears without needing needles. 

Our ears are critical when it comes to Chinese medicine because it is considered a microcosm of our bodies as a whole. Other parts include the iris of our eyes, the abdomen, the four, and our hands. In our ears, various pressure points correspond to different parts of our bodies. Whenever one applies pressure to any of these points in our bodies, using these ear seeds, that point in the body activates. These ear seeds are also actual seeds that are obtained from the Vaccaria plant. Presently, some people make use of gold beads that are attached to clear plastic stickers. 

Does Home Ear Acupressure Work 

Yes, Home Eat Acupressure works. Presently, it hasn’t been proven that it works a hundred percent. But there’s more than enough evidence suggesting that when you perform at-home ear acupressure, it helps relieve tension and pain all around your body. Activating the pressure points in your ears could quickly help you reduce symptoms of the following:

  • Earache 
  • Headache 
  • Tinnitus

And a lot more.

What are the illnesses at home ear acupressure helps reduce?


This refers to periods in time when your ears do nothing but hurt. Your ears might hurt for a variety of reasons. These reasons include listening to loud music for a long time or when you suffer from high amounts of stress. Using home ear acupressure using ear seeds could help you eliminate the stress and tension your ears feel. It would be best if you were in a quiet and calm place for this to work correctly.


This is one of the tell-tale signs of stress, pain, and tension. Apart from taking drugs like Ibruprofen and others associated with this, you could reduce the symptoms of headache by using at-home ear acupressure. It works very well, and before you know it, your headache would slowly soothe, calm down, and you’ll enjoy peace of mind and get rid of the headache.


Have you ever remained in a specific place, and just like that, it feels like someone is screaming at you, or you can hear a very loud noise from your environment or noise that’s either beating or ringing without the presence of an external source? 

That is Tinnitus. You could utilize home care acupressure to get rid of this horrible perception of noise from nowhere.

Does At-Home Ear Acupressure Work?
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