two men sitting and one man standing near cliff taken during golden hour

Lab Robotics is run by a team of engineers and futurists that want to share their passion for science, technology, genetics, and the future of human biology.

Diana Roberston works in the robotics industry as a senior software engineer with a specialization in artificial intelligence. Her passions include investigating the merging of human biological and robotic hardware to improve human potential.

Davis Palmer is an aeronautics engineer with a passion for health and wellness. He is a marathon runner and strives to help people to reach their fitness goals through training, diet, and supportive technology such as smart hardware to help guide training.

John Warrenfield is a former systems engineer who sold his cyber security company and now works as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies. He works to help people to secure valuable company assets and individual privacy. 

For those who are passionate about science, technology, and computers, Lab Robotics is where you can gain insights into the newest trends within these industries.

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