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Biotin becomes excess in blood from a supplement can result in a false increase and decrease of a lab test. It leads to a misdiagnosis from health care practitioners and makes them mistreat their patients.

You can find out more when you read; take your time to discover the lab test that Biotin interferes with. You will also get the chance to know more about how health care professionals will prepare you for your subsequent testing after the intake of Biotin.

What To Do If you Took Biotin

  • Your body needs Biotin as a nutrient so you can be taking it.
  • Inquire from your health care practitioners if you can take supplements containing Biotin or if you can take Biotin.
  • If you are unsure if the thing you want to take contains Biotin, you can ask your health care practitioners.
  • Carefully read all the labels to know what I am in your supplement.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of your health care practitioners.
  • If you didn’t remember and took Biotin, make sure you alert your health care practitioners.

What is Biotin?

There are macronutrients and micronutrients, but Biotin falls in micronutrients. Biotin is referred to as vitamin H, Coenzyme R and vitamin B7; these are required in the body in small quantities. It is enhances protein, fat and Carbohydrates metabolism, which enables food to change into energy.

Biotin is crucial for production of the hormone. The amount that is recommended to be taken daily is 30micrograms per day for healthy adults. Some foods naturally have Biotin: vegetables ( sweet potatoes, broccoli, and spinach), meat, nuts, seeds, fish, and eggs.

Biotin Pills and Supplements

Many over the counter multivitamin pills have Biotin as one of the ingredients and nutritional supplements, and each medication or supplement has particular use in medicine. Prenatal vitamins containing Biotin is advisable for pregnant women to take. It helps for healthier fetal development. 

However, some health care conditions have a higher dose of Biotin prescribed for them, such as biotinide deficiency and other types of alopecia which causes hair loss. Recent studies suggest using a mega-dose of Biotin to treat multiple Sclerosis, which is the treatment of nervous system disorder.

No evidence proves that Biotin is harmful to our body; therefore, many people have begun to take a high dose of Biotin for the benefits of improving skin, nails and hair.

Biotin and Your Lab Tests

As biotin users are rapidly increasing in numbers, laboratories are more than ever alert to the increased risk of test inferences. Today the FDA( food drug Administration) Published an alert of safety to create awareness that Biotin can have a significant interference with some lab tests, making it result in incorrect results. The report that FDA published says that “ an increase in the reporter’s number became much the shows how Biotin is not suitable for some lab test.


Knowing the exact thing inside the supplement you are taking is very important, and it is an excellent way to be proactive. Biotin interferes a lot with lab tests, as discussed above in the publication, so you need to be careful of what you take in during lab tests. If you are not sure if a supplement contains Biotin do well to ask your doctor

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