French Robotics Engineer Builds Exoskeleton to Help Son Walk

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Being one of the co-founders of Wandercraft, a robotic exoskeleton company, Jean-Louis Constanza got his inspiration to start these robotic engineering entrapments because of his son. 

His son’s name is Oscar. He asked his dad one day if he could make a robot that would allow people that are crippled to walk. 

This helped Mr. Constanza construct an exoskeleton to help his child move around and walk using vocal commands. This helps Oscar walk around without needing the aid of a wheelchair. 

Which condition does Oscar have? 

Oscar Constanza suffers from a neurological genetic condition that makes it impossible to walk without gaining help. His father has built him an exoskeleton which is like a robotic suit. It has helped Oscar get a new level of freedom, and he plans to enjoy it. 

How does the exoskeleton work? 

The exoskeleton is fastened to the feet, knees, waist, chest, and shoulders, and it allows Oscar that suffers from a generic neurological condition to move around and walk. 

Were Jean’s attempts successful? 

Oh yes, the French Robotics Engineer attempts were successful. Presently Oscar can move around in a room and turn too as a result of the exoskeleton. The exoskeleton is attached to his feet, knees, waist, chest, and shoulders. 

Presently, there’s a video moving around the internet that shows Oscar moving around and walking. 

Which company made the Exoskeleton Suit? 

Watercraft made the suit. That’s the name of the company that Mr. Constanza Co founded. 

How long does the exoskeleton suit last? 

The exoskeleton suit helps the user with some hours of movement. The entire suite has been utilized in different hospitals in the country. It hasn’t been made available commercially for everyone and anyone to purchase yet. 

My thoughts on the Exoskeleton Suit 

There are a lot of disabled people in the world. If these exoskeleton suits can be made in bulk and sent to nations and every country in the world, the number of disabled people worldwide would reduce rapidly. It would help those that do not have anyone to help them. It would reduce the amount of suffering and pain in the world and end up helping the economy. It would help the economy because when a nation has a more active population that can gain full employment, that economy prospers. 

It also helps the psyche of the people who are crippled. Some disabled people are over the age of thirty. Can you imagine how nice it would feel if these people could walk again? Even if walking were for some hours, it would be a dream come true. 

Now that there are already some used in hospitals, we implore a lot more should be made. As for Mr. Constanza, he would be partners with the company (ies) that would make this exoskeleton in bulk numbers. With that said, no one would feel used, and everyone ends up happy, especially the people in need of this exoskeleton. 

French Robotics Engineer Builds Exoskeleton to Help Son Walk
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