Real-Life Cyborg Technology


Hey there, for all you technology lovers who might want to create their technology someday, this piece would settle to talk about some accurate life Cyborg Technology available in the world today. Stay tuned 

List of Real-Life Cyborg Technology   

Jesse Sullivan

Cyborg technology these days is quite essential for people that have suffered various forms of amputation. In the future, one might fully imagine a world where all who have suffered from any form of amputation would get equipped using brand new limbs which would get connected to their nervous systems. These are capable of being operated just like our rudimentary limbs. Just try to think about the robotic hand of Luke Skywalker. 

Being a pioneer in the Cyborg Technology aspect, Jesse Sullivan has become one of the first cyborgs globally when it is equipped using a bionic limb. The limb got connected using a muscle nerve graft. Sullivan could control this brand new limb using his mind. He could also feel temperatures like cold, hot and the pressure amount that its grip applies. 

Jens Naumann

After suffering from a pair of very tragic accidents, Jens Naumann got blind and couldn’t see through both eyes. Staying firm to faith and bnever giving up hope, he always believed he would get to see again. The dream came true when in the year 2002, he started seeing using an artificial vision system. 

This electronic eye connected to his visual cortex directly using implants to his brain, unlike those from other Cyborg implants, which translated information visually to other senses like those of touch or sound. This translated information visually, which ended up helping Naumann see the world. It has its limits, though. He could only vaguely see nothing but shapes and lines. He got some semblance of his vision back. 

Looking to the possibilities available in the future, there are chances that technology could help users see using wavelengths that would succeed ordinary humans’ perceptions. Perhaps a time might come when people might start seeing using infrared. 

Nigel Ackland

After losing a considerable part of his hand during an accident from work, Nigel Ackland ended up getting a fantastic upgrade. He has an awesomely advanced prosthetic which was robotic. It looks close to what the Terminator looked like from the movies. It also looks like Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget, that attractive cartoon that year. 

Ackland has complete control of the arm using muscle movements from his remaining forearm. The range available of movement is honestly extraordinary. Be could move each of his fingers independently to hold delicate objects. He could also use them to pour out liquids into glasses. He has alarming grips, which are equipped and popularly known as the trigger grip.

Without seeing this excellent arm in action. You might find it quite challenging to believe. This is one of the times when people say seeing is believing. I would love to make more research on these real life cyborgs. They are quite interesting to have knowledge on.

Real-Life Cyborg Technology
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