Fun Space Rockets Toys for Kids

Space rockets toys are the best kind of toys for both boys and girls. You never really know if your child might be the famous astronaut to colonize Mars! When selecting space rockets toys for your kids, you must ensure they have either one or more space elements such as astronauts, rockets, planets, stars, or even aliens.

Space toys are not only fun to look at and play with, but they also widen your children’s imaginations. So if you want a list of the best space rockets toys for your kids, here are some options you should be looking at.

5 Fun Space Rockets Toys for Kids

Hape Playscapes Four-Stage Rocket Ship

This space toy is a 4-level rocket ship that’ll definitely light up your child’s face. It has detachable parts, an astronaut figure, numerous accessories, and an alien figure. This rocket ship can take your child to space and back, saving the astronaut from aliens and facing interesting adventures. Your child will definitely have a blast setting up and detaching the toy.

LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle

It’s no secret that when it comes to space rockets toys, LEGO is one of the best. The LEGO Mars Research Shuttle is a simple set with 273 pieces that your children will have no problem assembling. It comes with a rover toy, helidrone, astronaut figures with jet packs, a research shuttle, and a storage drone! The space shuttle has a lot of interesting details that make it look more realistic. It even has solar panels and movable lasers that’ll make adventures in space more captivating.

Janod Wooden Magnetic Rocket

This space rocket toy is a wooden 5-piece toy with a propeller that is attached with the aid of magnets. You can be certain that the bright colors will attract your children to the toy. One of the best things about the rocket is that your kids can grab and throw it around without causing it any damage. Janod Wooden Magnetic Rocket is a toy you can keep long after taking it out of the box.

Great Little Trading Co Multi Activity Rocket

This space rocket toy includes a wooden rocket and an activity center. It’s most suitable for kids between 1-3 years. The Great Little Trading Co Multi Activity Rocket helps your toddlers with hand to eye coordination. The toy comes with lots of whistles and bells that’ll amuse your child. While they pick up the rocket and throw it around, it’ll make delightful sounds which they are sure to love. There’s also a clock and mirror. It’s also unique when compared to most metal and plastic space toys.

LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309

This LEGO space rocket toy comes with about 2,000 pieces and is fun for kids and adults alike. For children younger than ten, you may have to assist them with the assembling of the rocket, but you can be certain that they will be enchanted by the detailed toy. This LEGO allows your child to build his/her own spaceship from the bottom up! The toy can also make a nice decorative piece for your child’s room.

Which space rockets toys will you buy for your kids? Stay head of rocket toys and robotics news trends!

Fun Space Rockets Toys for Kids
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