NASA’s Mars Rover Has Landed!

You remember the Rover NASA sent Mars a while back. It has finally landed. Like, a lot of people are happy, a lot of people are excited. The landing of this Rover on Mars has brought about the severe exploration of space to the entire world. Now we know that the world is so close to things that only lied in our imaginations and movies. These were some of the things that the present NASA Admin Steve Jurczyx said. 

The Perseverance mission looks at the entire spirit of the United States of America. Even in situations that are so challenging, we have advanced, inspired, and challenged science, and we’ve explored it too. The mission completely personifies the idea of humans preparing to explore the red planet in the year 2030 fully. 

Joe Biden has contacted Jurczyk and told him Congrats. He also congratulated every other person that was involved in this exciting and severe mission. Biden also tweeted about its landing. NASA and all those that made this landing possible were graciously thanked. Because without them, we wouldn’t don’t have anything to talk about right now. Biden stated that with the power of American ingenuity and science, everything is possible. 

Biden posted this on his Twitter page on the 18th of February 2021. 

The long-distance love affair between humanity and Mars is something. It is filled with possibilities, wonder about this planet that’s our neighbor. This mission would go down in the books as a historic one could look for several things that would remain evidence on the questions we keep asking ourselves. 

Would you like to go to Mars?

I was writing this article, and then some thoughts came to me. Would I like to go to Mars? Then the answers I got were quite funny. They included things like the reasons I’ll want to go to Mars, would they have my favorite drinks or food there, cause I like eating. Can I take all my family members too? What about the weather, is it going to be comfortable. Would it be too hot, would it be too cold. You know, there are several underlying variables I have no idea about. But what if the world was ending and planet earth was just tired of living. What then? And then I was given a free ride to go to Mars. Would I go? Or would I want to go? I don’t think I have to leave my baby brother on a planet I know wants to die, please. If we can’t both go together, then Mars should leave me. But if it can contain us all, then, of course, I’ll like to go. 
The world is happy and excited that the Rover has finally landed. It isn’t an easy task, to be honest. Are there even people on Mars right now? Or is it just the Rover alone that went after being directed from the earth here? Well, who knows. We are waiting for updates, though. ?

NASA’s Mars Rover Has Landed!
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