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Software and Information Management Providers for Laboratory Automation

Genomic Computing (AberGC) is an informatics company based in Wales, UK.
AberGC provides novel data mining , scheduling and predictive modeling
solutions based upon evolutionary computing, machine learning and other
supervised learning techniques. Our new product, gmax-bio , is the first
commercial package to fully utilize these techniques and is designed for all
aspects of drug discovery research. Gmax-bio is a novel informatics package
based on genomic computing techniques which uniquely utilize Darwinian methods
of natural selection to evolve mathematical algorithms to rapidly solve
complex data-mining and predictive modeling problems.

Accelrys is the leading provider of software for biologists, chemists, and
materials scientists. Through computation, simulation, and the management and
mining of scientific data, we accelerate product design, discovery, and

Afferent Systems
offers an integrated solution for combinatorial chemistry informatics, including
instrument control and product data generation, access, and storage, all optionally using
an Oracle-based enterprise-wide database.

Anacapa specializes in software development for process automation. Our
proficiencies include customization, documentation and legacy porting. Anacapa
Group, Inc. also specializes in product marking and handling solutions for
pharmaceutical manufacturing and research applications. We are experts in
barcoding and data capture solutions for tubes and vials, microtiter
plates/trays, syringes, ampules and other laboratory vessels.

Developers provides a wide range of custom software solutions. From our
start in the field of laboratory automation for the pharmaceutical and
analytical chemistry industry, to our integrated Microsoft office solutions
for business we can assist you in creating the best software solution for
your needs.

While high throughput processes have
dramatically increased the pace of research, they have also dramatically
increased the complexity of research processes. As these processes have grown
more complex, they have also grown more sensitive to even small process
changes, making process optimization and process yield management essential to
remain competitive. BergenShaw
International‘s Focus software product enables high throughput
laboratories to rapidly accelerate their response to change by quickly
identifying those process factors and combination of factors associated with
yield loss and yield gain.

is in the business of developing proprietary data mining tools and applications for
chemical and biological information. Currently we are focused on developing data mining
applications for drug discovery from high throughput screening (HTS) data. Our proprietary
software systems are developed by combining existing and novel data mining techniques with
chemical information and molecular modeling techniques. Bioreason will work with the data
from pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms to discover and optimize drug leads in their
HTS data.

Institute a strategy that delivers constant,
cost-effective controls for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Streamline
administrative tasks, reduce costs, and improve efficiency by using the
Coast Software Solutions
EMT Pro equipment maintenance tracking system…uniquely designed for
regulated industries.

Molecular Software (CMS), founded in 1997, develops and markets decision support tools
for use by life scientists engaged in drug discovery. The founders of the company have
more than fifty years of combined experience designing and developing chemical information
systems. This experience includes detailed knowledge of advanced informatics technology as
well as the services necessary to help organizations effectively extract and visualize the
valuable knowledge contained in research data. CMS is dedicated to working with clients to
shorten drug development time and dramatically increase the quality of research decisions.

CombiChem, Inc.
engages in collaborations and partnerships to accelerate the discovery process for
pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical organizations. CCI’s proprietary and unique
discovery approach is a platform technology which integrates proprietary molecular design
technology and rapid synthesis with chemistry expertise.

provides inventory management system for cellular, molecular, biochemistry,
IVF and clinical labs. CryoTrack products are ideal for all storage
containers. Users benefit from numerous features such as import/export data,
custom defined fields, frequently used fields, cell types, notes, transaction
logs, edit history, tracking deleted records, graphical view, assays,
protocols, reagents, printing labels, sending and retrieving messages,
extensive search options and much more.

dataBasyx - Laboratory instrumentation tracking, service and support

Data validation and data processing
technology from Datect increases the
automation of scientific data analysis by alleviating the need for time
consuming manual examination of all data and results. Datect’s technology also
standardizes data validation and data analysis decision-making, eliminating
any potential variability in individual judgement.

Inc. is a leading provider of genomic information and bioinformatics
analysis technologies. The company provides research environments that
leverage information technology and the World Wide Web to simplify and
accelerate genomic research.

EMAX Solution Partners
integrates chemical information systems to speed productivity and compliance for major
corporations. The company specializes in solutions for both research and operations. In
the competition to find breakthrough products, discovery research groups generate huge
data stores through the use of combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening.
OPTIMA from EMAX® can accelerate the drug discovery process by integrating proprietary
and commercial substance information into a software infrastructure for rapid access. The
complete OPTIMA solution is an advantage in the race to increase promising drug leads and
feed the new product pipeline.

BioLogic Corporation is a Seattle-based and privately held Washington
company. Licensing a patent-pending technology from Fred Hutchinson Cancer
Research Center ("FHCRC"), the Company holds exclusive and worldwide rights to
a software technology for analyzing gene expressions as well as for analyzing
protein expressions in all fields of uses. Based upon this patent, scientists
and programmers at Enodar have turned this technology into a user-friendly
software technology, referred as GenePlus(tm), which is commercially available
and is adopted by several reputable institutions in United States.
Additionally, the Company is actively developing additional proprietary
technologies for correlating genomic data (SNPs, gene expressions and protein
expressions) with clinical information with the ultimate goal of advancing
genomic biology/medicine. The long-term goal of the company is to build a
suite of commercial software products that may become a unified analytical
platform for all genomic data analysis needs, from data storage, processing,
management, visualization and analysis.

Inc. was created to solve challenges presented by the pharmaceutical and
biotechnology sectors. The mission of Exegetix, Inc. is to assist
pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the discovery of new
breakthrough medicines and therapeutics by providing products and services
that guarantee rapid data capture, storage and thorough analysis. Exegetix,
Inc. is distinguished from its competitors by its modular bio-informatics
solutions backed by expert R&D and software development experience.

Since 1986, Galactic has been dedicated to
designing and developing state-of-the-art scientific software for the spectroscopy and
chromatography communities. We offer open architecture software solutions compatible with
virtually any laboratory instrument. Our unique approach provides a single software
platform to integrate all laboratory data in one common package for archival storage, data
viewing, processing, plotting, and management.

GeneData specializes in the computational analysis of genomes,
transcriptomes, proteomes, and metabolomes as well as compound libraries, and
offers a network of communicating software modules, each of which addresses a
critical step in the product development cycle of life science companies. For
the analysis of high-throughput screening (HTS) data the company provides a
modular and scaleable software solution, GeneData ScreenerTM, that improves
the understanding of biological activity of compounds.

geneticXchange is a software product company that produces the K1 System
Data Integration Middleware Platform for any Biotech needing a solution to the
biological data integration challenge.

Corporation is a leading supplier of software products and services for intelligent
real-time systems that help organizations manage and optimize complex dynamic operations.
Common applications include quality management, process optimization, dynamic scheduling,
network fault management, energy and environmental management, and abnormal situation

offers technology infrastructure in high-performance computing, data
integration, knowledge management, storage, e-business, and information
services. Today, IBM systems include 215 of the world’s top 500 most powerful
high performance computers; the world’s fastest supercomputer (ASCI White,
12.3 trillion calculations/sec); the world’s largest established database (116
terabits); the most advanced storage management; and a world-renowned
computational biology center. IBM is dedicated to bringing powerful products
and expertise to help researchers and scientists speed their processes and
optimize results.

IDBS‘ specialised
applications are used by thousands of scientists across the globe to acquire, manage,
integrate and visualise chemical and biological data ranging from the large amounts of
data generated in High Throughput Screening and combi-chem programmes, through multiple
IC50 determinations and profiling, to the complex experimental protocols of toxicology

With over 14 years experience in
scientific software development, Labtronics
is recognized as an industry leader in laboratory automation and instrument
interfacing.Whether you just have one balance or an entire lab to automate,
Labtronics has an Innovative Software Solution for you.

Solutions is a global provider of state-of-the-art software,
implementation services, and consulting to leading discovery-oriented,
conventional research, and quality control laboratories. We offer
configurable, industry-specific solutions for in a variety of industries
including high throughput screening, genomics, proteomics, pharmaceuticals,
oil and gas, process chemicals, food and beverage, environmental, and

Managed Ventures has developed custom application components in Java for
High Throughput Screening (HTS), compound registration, inventory and
proteomics. Services include the implementation of solutions for drug
discovery using pre-built components to rapidly deliver working web-based
applications in your organization. Join the growing group of teams that have
forgone higher risk lengthy commercial implementations in favor of
cost-effective accelerated discovery software integration. HTS and other
informatics applications have been integrated for Managed Ventures clients in
less than 8 weeks using open source Java, XML, SOAP and any JDBC-compliant
database (Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, mySQL).

MDL Information Systems
Inc. is the leading provider of integrated scientific information management systems,
databases, and services used worldwide in pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemical, and
biotechnology research and development, and in other industries that use chemical

The NuGenesis®
Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) is an application-independent
software and database platform that automatically creates a common
electronic format for laboratory data and scientific information that can be
unified, managed and shared throughout the enterprise. NuGenesis
Technologies also offers comprehensive consulting, support and training

Odysis supplies
scheduling software technologies and services for building more reliable, productive and
flexible automated systems for a broad range of industrial, scientific and commercial

Combi-chem and HTS strategies have created
a wealth of information in the drug discovery pathway.
Pharma Algorithms, innovators in
silico, provide a comprehensive QSAR approach to resolve and accelerate the
process of data evaluation contributing to early lead optimization. Our
software introduces the unique capability of developing and building
computational algorithms in-house utilizing comprehensive yet flexible
statistical and fragmental approaches. These are the tools that will help take
you from your data to your decision.

Analysis & Automation: Originally written to control the equipment for
the National DNA Database at the Forensic Science Service in the UK, OVERLORD
is available with over 100 drivers and with an installed user base of 100
systems worldwide. OVERLORD is the independent software control system of
choice. We have robot drivers for Hudson Plate Crane, Zymark Twister I & II,
Hamilton SWAP/Labsystems Relay, Sands Technology and Mitsubishi robots; and
pipetting workstation drivers for Hamilton, PE Life Sciences (Packard), Tecan
and Qiagen. OVERLORD Developer is available for in-house developers, and
incorporates a full licensed version of VBA (as in Microsoft EXCEL, Word and
Access) for the user to write the extensions required for their application.
See under Laboratory
automation or contact

Pangea Systems,
Inc. is a leading provider of software for advanced bioinformatics — the application
of information technology to life science research and development. The company’s mission
is to provide pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with operationally proven
software applications, unique computational tools, an open computing environment, and
value-added professional services that integrate the collection, organization and analysis
of biological and biochemical information. In doing so, Pangea’s products simplify and
accelerate the drug discovery process in ways never before achieved.

Partek Pro 2000 is a comprehensive data visualization and pattern recognition system
that is being widely adopted in the market. This is due to Partek’s unique combination of
interactive visualization and strong statistical, neural, and other numerical analysis
techniques. Partek is also being used in
cheminformatics, combinatorial chemistry, high throuput screening, and in analysis of
clinical data.

Prelude Computer Solutions, Inc. provides a wide variety of consulting
services for regulated industry. Prelude specializes in 21 CFR Part 11
compliant document management, including integration with LIMS systems and
electronic publishing systems. Additionally, Prelude’s business partners
include IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, and CDC Solutions. If you are looking for an
affordable "Turn-Key" solution for document management, Prelude has a solution
for you!

is dedicated to the design and development of Enterprise Compliance
Management Solutions for companies in regulated industries. For over a
decade, QUMAS has consistently delivered finished compliance management
solutions to market leaders in the pharmaceutical, medical device,
biotechnology, and contract research industry sectors. QUMAS enterprise
compliance solutions offer immediate payback through; pre-packaged
compliance with FDA, EMEA and other international regulations in particular
21 CFR part 11 (electronic signature and records), rapid deployment,
validation, user training, and by automating critical document processes to
dramatically reduce document cycle times. With locations across the USA and
Europe, QUMAS is ideally placed to provide the extensive support structures
required for these regulated industries.

is a software research and development enterprise. Products include a software
framework Genera which simplifies instrument integration, scheduling software
Supra, 3D simulation viewer SimView, and instrument testers Clones for the
laboratory automation market.

Incorporated was founded in 1973 as a technical service company providing support to
the United States Navy. Since this beginning, Sonalysts has grown to a multifaceted
company providing products and services in the core business areas of: Systems
Engineering, Program Management, Education and Training, Naval Warfare, Modeling and
Simulation, Computer Software Development, Operations Research, a full service Media
Center, Interactive Multimedia,  and Energy and Industrial Services.

Spotfire, Inc.
provides software solutions that empower scientists and engineers-and their enterprises-to
make decisions in eTime that get products to market first. Our Web-based offerings are
used by life- and material-sciences companies worldwide for such activities as
high-throughput screening, genomics, lead optimization, combinatorial chemistry,
formulation development, and bioinformatics.

Structural Bioinformatics, Inc. (SBI) is a world leader in
proteomics-driven drug discovery - the large-scale generation and use of
protein structural information to accelerate the discovery and optimization

is pioneering high-speed combinatorial technologies for the discovery of new
materials. The Renaissance (TM) software and database platform provides tools
to enable the implementation of complete workflows for high throughput design,
synthesis and screening of materials.

Labstar from System
Services Inc. is a comprehensive PC based laboratory automation software package
designed to simplify data handling needs. The package includes VisualMicroplate graphical
display, robust file import/export, graphing, calculations, reporting, and data sorting.
Laboratory data from HTS machines and other sources can be easily managed to help detect
anomalies, compare data visually, identify errors and sort large volumes of information.

TAL Technologies
is committed to providing quality software tools to simplify data acquisition and bar code
data collection.

Taratec Development

Software specialises in sample management software for the life sciences.
Our software tracks sample inventory, manages workflows and seamlessly
integrates with laboratory workstations. We help you track what you have,
where it is, what it’s being used for and where you can get more of it from.
Whether you are running a centralized global sample bank or managing samples
within your laboratory, we can help you streamline your operation.

Viaken is an
application service provider (ASP) that provides, manages and supports Bioinformatics
applications for the small to mid-size Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Agriculture
company. Viaken offers complete application solutions in the areas of Genome Informatics,
Chem Informatics and Pharmaco Informatics. The Viaken solution includes architecture
design, implementation, secure hosting, network infrastructure, 24×7 user support,
application and server management. Viaken’s turn-key solutions, called "Technology
Templates TM" * fulfill the research and development needs of its customers by
providing solutions that can be rapidly implemented to meet common R&D IT needs.
Additionally, Viaken can design and implement custom solutions to meet any of its
customers’ IT needs.

Technologies is an Information Technology consulting company, whose
mission is to design, integrate and manage strategic business solutions using
emerging technologies that enhance productivity to create an immediate impact
on businesses. Vizicon’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in implementing
cost-effective solutions gives organizations a competitive edge in achieving
their business objectives on schedule.

PrintFaqtory from
Webfaqtory is a revolutionary new product
that replaces your printers (and their expensive consumables) and turns your
printed or file reports into real data, in a database and accessible via OPC,
DDE, Modbus and ODBC. No matter how complicated are the reports or diverse the
devices, PrintFaqtory has the versatility to handle ALL report data

White Carbon brings software-based solutions to life sciences. Our
Pathways workflow system crosses the boundary between conventional LIMS
systems and workcell control software, offering unrivalled integration and
analysis capabilities. Pathways can be used to develop workflow systems
rapidly and incrementally, enabling controlled process evolution and the
capture of best practice.

Windmill specialise in Windows data acquisition and control software.
Amongst other things, they offer a free serial driver to interface laboratory
instruments with RS232 ports to PCs.

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