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Manufacturers of Robotics for Laboratory Automation

accelab is
a young company located in Tuebingen, Germany, and focuses on integrated solutions for
productivity enhancement in research laboratories. The accelab automation platforms are
highly compact and flexible and allow real unattended 24-hour operation. They use SCARA
and gantry robots which handle the major part of the required automation tasks, leaving
the parallel routine sample processing to the integrated standard laboratory instruments.
Together with component suppliers, accelab’s scientists and engineers realize automation
and software solutions in combinatorial chemistry, biotechnology and materials science.

Adept Technology
designs, manufactures and markets robotic systems, motion control and
machine vision technology for global markets including automotive, consumer
electronics, consumer goods, food, industrial tooling, medical devices, and
pharmaceutical. Adept robots, controllers, and software are used for small
parts assembly, material handling and packaging. Adept intelligent automation
product lines include industrial robots, configurable linear modules, machine
controllers for robot mechanisms and other flexible automation equipment,
machine vision, and systems and applications software. Founded in 1983, Adept
Technology is the largest U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial robots.

Our mission at Advanced
ChemTech is to be the world leader in providing unique state-of-the-art
instrumentation and biochemical products to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology

Advanced Automation is a turnkey supplier of specific hardware solutions
to customer needs in the system size range from $100,000 to $15 million plus.

Design Corporation is an automation engineering, product design, and information
system development firm providing custom solutions to a variety of multi-disciplinary
needs. Advent can assist in all stages of the development process, from concept
development through delivery and documentation, to post-delivery support and upgrades.

AEA Technology have
developed an integrated approach for satisfying the demand for drug discovery from
pharmaceutical companies. Using advanced automation systems, we can provide a complete
system, tailored to the specific needs of our customers. We can add value to the design
process, through simulation, modelling and specification development. We provide hardware
and software solutions based on our own standard solutions, or by integrating proprietary
equipment. Our approach to the design of automated liquid stores and sample replication
maximises compound life, security and throughput.

Apricot Designs, Inc. provides
accurate and affordable liquid handling technologies. We manufacture compact &
robust multi-channel liquid handling systems with easy to use operator
interfaces. Liquid handling products from Apricot are flexible, easy to use,
reliable, and have small footprints that maximize your valuable laboratory

Argonaut Technologies
designs organic synthesizers, software, and chemical resins and reagents optimized for
parallel organic synthesis using both solution- and solid-phase chemistry. Our
synthesizers include the QUEST(tm) series designed to make parallel synthesis practical in
any laboratory, the fully automated NAUTILUS(tm) synthesizer for chemistry development and
optimization, and the TRIDENT(tm) system designed to support the synthesis of focused
libraries. Argonaut also provides ArgoPore(tm), ArgoGel(tm), and high-quality polystyrene
resins for solid-phase synthesis. In addition, we provide a collection of scavenger resins
and polymer-bound reagents to accelerate solution-phase synthesis by streamlining
purification. Argonaut’s products are currently used in pharmaceutical, agrochemical,
materials science and biotechnology research laboratories worldwide.

ASTECH Projects specialise in the development and supply of advanced
automation system solutions. We are leaders in innovative design providing
bespoke turnkey automation solutions designed and tailored to suit each
customers individual requirements. ASTECH supply to the Pharmaceutical, Life
Sciences, Chemical & Nuclear Industries.

ATS Automation Tooling Systems - design, build, installation & integration for
turnkey factory automation systems worldwide.

Aurora Biosciences
Corp. offers a portfolio of automated drug discovery technologies and services that
accelerate target validation and screen development. Additional high value solutions are
available from diverse applications to chemical library management and ion channel
screening. Aurora is a complete source for state of the art instrumentation for drug
discovery and compound storage.

is a young Swiss Hi-Tech company located in Geneva. Born in a high-tech
village and graduated from a Business Incubator, AutoDose develops leading
edge technologies for high precision powder dispensing. POWDERNIUM™
automates the very traditional yet tedious weighing process of
solids/powders. POWDERNIUM is available in several models to accommodate
volumes ranging from 0.2mg to a few hundred grams and can run unattended.
The accuracy can be as high as 0.1mg.

is a worldwide leader in automated nucleic acid processing equipment. Since
1989 AutoGen has been dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution
of innovative solutions for nucleic acid extraction from a wide variety of
source materials. Our mission is to provide products with premier quality
and value along with superior scientific and technical support to our
clients in University, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical research

AVISO-GmbH is an innovator in
Laboratory Automation, manufacturing both the CellCelector™ and TheOnyx™.

The CellCelector™ is a multifunctional robot for automatically isolating
individual cells and cell clones. Adherent cells, cells grown in soft
substrates (agar) or cells grown in semi-liquid suspensions (methylcellulose)
can be easily harvested from a variety of parameters (size, shape proximity to
neighboring cells, or uptake of fluorescent substrates) allowing the
researcher to perform a variety of experiments on single cells.

TheOnyx™ is a modular liquid handling system that uses micro-annular gear
pumps to consistently pipette precise amounts of fluids without changing the
heads of the pump. A totally flexible unit, deck trays are simply placed or
removed onto the TheOnyx™. A Peltier element completes TheOnyx™ allowing for
heating and cooling from between 4 to 60°C.

Standard products or developments adapted to the customer requirements:
AZCO offers solutions in the field of
automation and the integration of laboratory instruments. *Note: Website is
French language only.

Beckman Coulter offers a complete range of automation tools for your
research applications, from modular liquid handling systems to integrated
robotic systems. Whether your research takes you into genetic analysis or drug
discovery, we provide you with the highest quality instrumentation,
application support and exceptional service worldwide.

Bio-Automation has been providing innovative automation solutions to the
Life Science Industry since 1998. Recently, we introduced the Bio-Bot. The
Bio-Bot is a laboratory robot that is designed to provide walk away time to
single instrument or multiple instrument workstations. Our Simplicity software
provides a simple, yet powerful control. Look at our
web site to see the expansion
capability and the compact size of the Bio-Bot.

BioDot, Inc.
manufactures a wide line of specialty equipment modules for the use in the production of
rapid biodiagnostic test devices.  These equipment modules offer the flexibility
needed for low-volume R & D applications or high-volume production scenarios. 
Our extensive line of material handling, dispensing, and processing modules provide state
of the art engineering solutions that can be customized to fit precise requirements.

BIOPHILE, Inc. introduces the first fully automated, sample management
system providing secure storage and retrieval of critical samples at ultra low
temperatures. This management system catalogs samples, tracks chain of custody
and is functional for laboratory compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines.
The BIOPHILE’s frost-free storage and retrieval system provides a simple touch
screen access with internal robotic technology that can store and retrieve
samples in less than 30 seconds. This innovative technology can be integrated
to existing lab automation or can be used as a stand-alone system. The
BIOPHILE sample management solution recognizes the value of sample integrity
in the research environment and offers ultimate sample accountability,
security and accessibility. The BIOPHILE System is available in -80°C, -40°C
and -20°C configurations.

BioRobotics is both a pioneer
and a world leader in the provision of arraying and colony picking products
to the Life Sciences.  A team of engineers and biologists works
together to produce cutting edge designs that offer genuine solutions to
busy laboratory scientists.  Products are manufactured in an ISO9000
environment at the company’s Cambridge facility.  An ongoing
applications programme, implemented by the company’s own laboratory team,
uses the products to carry out real scientific investigations. The
information generated provides valuable customer applications support, as
well as being fed back into the design/development loop.

brings together a consortium of businesses into a sales and support structure
that provides an ideal communication path between our customers and our
business partners. Biosero offers a range of products and services, from
reagents and consumables to software to instrumentation, with a focus on
laboratory automation.

is a Division of Dyax Corp. and we are currently producing automated systems
for the parallel purification and screening of the high number of compounds
generated by combinatorial chemistry. Automated solutions include the basic
Quad3 which can purify twelve fractions with twelve separate solvents in
less than thiry minutes to the flagship Parallex and FLEX systems which
purify and collect combinatorial arrays using an intelligent fraction
collection system based on UV peak characteristics. Biotage also offers
automated and semi-automated systems for production-scale HPLC and FLASH
chromatography processes.

BioTX Automation, Inc. is a laboratory automation engineering company.
BioTX is focused on two primary areas of opportunity: an automation platform
which utilizes interchangeable tools and peripheral devices produced using
BioTX’s patent pending Rapid Automation Development System (RADS) and custom
engineering and design services. The RADS parts are designed using SolidWorks,
are fabricated in hours utilizing a Dimension rapid prototyping printer and
are made of ABS plastic. Virtually any part that will fit in an 8”x8”x12” work
envelope may be fabricated using this method. BioTX has initially chosen an
Epson SCARA automation platform that may be customized with our standard
product line that includes snap-on end effecters and work stations for: liquid
handling, plate manipulation and assay automation or may be further customized
with custom RADS end effecters. BioTX Automation also provides turnkey
engineered systems which address the customers’ exact needs in a timely and an
inexpensive manner. By using BioTX’s RADS technology weeks can be shaved off
the normal time required to automate a lab process.

Since 1975, Brandel has designed and manufactured laboratory
equipment for the biomedical research industry. Dedication to user friendly,
dependable and versatile solutions has earned Brandel a worldwide reputation for quality.

Caliper Life Sciences — Microfluidic lab-on-a-chip company, offering
drug discovery systems, automated electrophoresis instruments, and LabChip
technology partnerships to the life sciences industry.

Carl Zeiss Jena
together with the pharmaceutical company F. Hoffmann-La Roche (Basel, Schweiz), has
developed an innovative screening
system for Ultra High Throughput (UHTS) which sets new standards in pharmaceutical
drug research:

        High-performance multimode readers offering
96-channel parallel detection of fluorescence, absorption and luminescence in 96, 384 and
1,536-well microtiter plates.

        Compact workstations and systems containing a
new robust technology for the transport of microtiter plates with a throughput of >
100,000 specimens a day. The need for mechanical switching required by numerous other
systems to start up a new assay is avoided, thereby increasing the effective throughput.

        User-friendly software offering simple assay
programming, a process simulation before the start of the assay and visualization of the
process and the measurement results during operation.

        The first UHTS system from Carl Zeiss Jena was
installed at F. Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel in October 1998 and has since undergone
intensive testing. It is planned to launch it onto the market in autumn of 1999.

Technologies, Inc. manufactures innovative equipment to meet the needs of the
pharmaceutical and agricultural research and development market.  Our equipment helps
automate and increase the process efficiencies in areas such as drug screening, genomics,
and combinatorial chemistry.

- Clinical automation and sample transport.

A complete micro-robotic platform on your inverted
microscope takes you from data collection to presentation and provides on-screen computer
control of stage movement, microscope focus, and Cell
Robotics modules.

Cellomics, Inc., formerly BioDx, Inc., is a privately
held corporation, founded in October of 1996. Cellomics Inc.’s mission is to improve
the efficiency of the drug discovery process by delivering a cell-based screening platform
that automates target validation and lead optimization using fluorescence-based assays.
Today, the Company’s integrated platform consists of proprietary fluorescence assays,
a novel, proprietary, cell-based High Content Screening (HCS) system, and bioinformatics
software. Unlike traditional methods in the drug discovery process, the Company’s
platform provides deep biological information (time, space, and activity) about a drug
candidate’s physiological impact on specific cellular targets within living cells.
This approach provides significant insight into the potential efficacy and toxicity of a
drug candidate on cells before initiating animal testing and human clinical trials,
thereby saving substantial time and expense. In addition, the Company co-markets an Ultra-High
Throughput Screening (UHTS) system as well as the HCS system and services through an
exclusive, worldwide alliance with Carl Zeiss Jena,
GmbH, the world’s leader in optical instrumentation and automation. The Company is
also developing the next generation, cell-based screening platform, the CellChip™
System, and the Cellomics™ Database to further optimize the drug discovery process.

CETAC is a world
wide leader in sample introduction and sample pretreatment technologies for chemical
analysis. CETAC and its associated companies provide a comprehensive range of product
based solutions for the analysis of elements in samples ranging from drinking water and
high purity acids to radio-active waste. We develop, manufacture and market a family of
products and services that provide essential solutions to customers around the globe.

In 1996, Charybdis
Technologies was created to design, develop, and implement the new standard in
combinatorial technology and informatics, and to apply this paradigm towards the discovery
of novel, potent, and effective chemical entities. We represent the synergy of science,
engineering, and informatics.

CRS Automation
Solutions is a global player in the fast developing laboratory automation marketplace.
Through its core competencies in software, motion control and systems integration CRS
provides automation solutions for companies in the life sciences and advanced
manufacturing sectors.

- Modular technology platforms for automated drug research, high throughput
screening, liquid handling, luminescence readers.

Partners International has become a leader in drug discovery
collaborations by offering integrated services and products that span the drug
discovery continuum including target characterization, high throughput
screening, lead generation, lead optimization, high throughput synthesis
automation, and gene expression analysis. DPI is headquartered in San Diego,
California and has operations in the United States and Europe.

Dynamic Devices is an automation company with expertise in electronics,
software and mechanical design that focuses on pioneering innovative solutions
and personal service to the drug discovery industry. Our long history and
combined experience in integration and providing integration services, grants
us a unique insight into all aspects of the evolution of lab automation; from
our pioneering the first commercial micro plate based fully automated
screening system to our new non-gripper conveyor based platform.

Services Inc. (ESI)
is engaged in new
technology developments in the areas of robotics, mechatronics, and intelligent machines
for industrial applications and applied research. ESI maintains links with the Robotics
and Automation Laboratory and the Mechatronics Laboratory of the University of Toronto for
basic research & development.

is a leading manufacturer of high precision industrial robots (over 16,000
sold) , PC based controls, machine vision systems and other Factory Automation
products which are used in factories throughout the world.

technologies address the fundamental changes in drug discovery brought about by the
analysis of the human genome, as well as by the application of combinatorial chemistry.
The uniqueness of EVOTEC’s technologies is reflected in EVOscreen, an ultra-high
throughput screening system. EVOscreen is based on a novel, multifaceted detection
technology, and on liquid handling and sample storage systems miniaturized to operate at
submicroliter volumes. This combination enables very rapid and cost-efficient development
of liquid biochemical or cellular assays performing under near-native conditions.

FANUC Robotics
North America, Inc. is an automation intelligence company dedicated to improving
customer´s productivity. FANUC Robotics offers total automation solutions for assembly,
painting, palletizing, packing, welding, dispensing, cutting, laser processing and
material handling applications.

engineers automated solutions for the life science community, collaborating with
researchers to address instrumentation needs. Now presenting the GeneSuite™: a set of
DNA tools that conquer the bottlenecks of genomic research, enabling the user to perform
tasks more efficiently than ever before. Products include the RevPrep™ automated DNA
purification system, the HydroShear™ DNA shearing device, the OmniGrid™
microarrayer, the Gel-2-Well™ colony/plaque picker, the HiGro™ oxygenated
incubated shaker, and the PolyPlex™ oligonucleotide synthesizer.

Genetix offers
the ‘Q’ BOT III - A unique multi-tasking robot, offering Colony Picking, Gridding and
Liquid Handling.  The ‘Q’ BOT is an invaluable addition to any laboratory engaged in
high throughput Pharmaceutical, Genomic or Bioresearch screening.

Solutions strongly believes Genomics and Proteomics require an integrated approach. To
that end, the company provides instrumentation, software and related products and services
for this rapidly developing research market. Genomic Solutions provides life science
researchers in biopharmaceutical companies, universities and government institutions with
integrated, flexible systems. This integrated, full system approach can significantly
enhance productivity and improve the overall gene and drug discovery process.

Specialist Suppliers of Reagents and Equipment For DNA Analysis

Systems, Inc. is a growth-stage life sciences company positioned as a
leader in the supply of nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) purification products.
The Company has developed proprietary technology and products for preparing
nucleic acids from biological samples used in research and clinical
applications and is actively engaged in the manufacture and marketing of
this technology. The potential uses for nucleic acids, the fundamental
molecules of life, have expanded rapidly due to our increased understanding
of gene function and regulation combined with development of new analytical
techniques. In the recent past, the use of nucleic acids was limited to
research applications. Now, the potential has begun to extend into
commercial markets. Gentra has focused its product development and marketing
on the small but growing clinical market. The Company believes that by
targeting its enabling nucleic acid purification technologies to rapidly
developing commercial markets, it will accelerate its opportunities for

Gilson, a
manufacturer of specialized analytical instrumentation for scientific research and
industrial markets since the early 1950s, has developed software and instrumentation to
keep pace with the most sophisticated HPLC, LC and sample preparation technology available
for the laboratory.

is an automated laboratory instruments specialist with over 25 years
experience in the business. We design and manufacture customized laboratory
and industrial systems in collaboration with clients for use in a wide
variety of environments.

Array provides machinery and materials to upgrade your drug discovery or
genetic testing lab to array tape automation: the next big breakthrough in the
quest for streamlined, less expensive lab automation technology.

Gyros - the company that integrates microfluidics. Gyros AB offers
pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic companies access to a unique,
proprietary technology platform. Routine or non-routine laboratory processes
are miniaturized and integrated into application-specific CD microlaboratories.
Hundreds of samples can be processed in parallel on the disposable CDs.
Integrating different laboratory steps onto a single CD microlaboratory offers
the potential to reassess and redesign traditional working procedures. This
new technology platform from Gyros can bring outstanding gains in efficiency,
cost-effectiveness and information content.

Hamilton Robotics specializes
in the design and manufacture of instrumentation and automated systems for
precision liquid handling applications in R&D, analytical chemistry and
clinical laboratories. The Hamilton company’s full product line ranges from
automated pipetting workstations, rail robots, syringe pumps and valves, as
well as hand-held syringes and columns. Hamilton robotics has application
experience available in drug candidate screening, ADME, protein digest,
protein crystallization, ELISA, LC/MS sample preparation, cell biology,
DNA/RNA extraction, forensics, and many other liquid handling methods. The
company provides customized integration service for its workstation with
other third party devices, application support and development as well as
full field service and repair. It was established in 1955 and has
manufacturing and R&D facilities in Reno, Nevada and Bonaduz, Switzerland.

is a multinational company that manufactures turnkey reactor and calorimeter
systems for process screening and optimization. Our systems run on
proprietary software and hardware and incorporate robotic work-stations for
liquid handling and automated sampling to HPLCs and other analytical tools.
Our systems perform chemistry from a 5 ml to 100 ml scale with up to 32
reactions in parallel. The systems are available in glass or metal and have
wide operating temperature and pressure ranges.

Automation Corp. is a leading supplier of manual and fully automatic
sample preparation systems for spectrographic analysis, tube delivery
systems for sample transport, and laboratory automation for the steel,
aluminum, cement and mining industries.

Founded in 1983 and
headquartered in Springfield, New Jersey, Hudson
Control Group designs and builds integrated laboratory robot systems, robotic devices,
and batch process control systems.  We can provide complete turnkey systems, or
single components such as robots, individual stations, simple robotic workstations or
dedicated devices.

Instron Corporation
is a worldwide supplier of instruments, systems, software, and accessories used to
evaluate the mechanical properties and performance of metals, plastics, composites,
textiles, ceramics, rubber, biomedical, and adhesives. Instron systems test virtually all
earth’s natural and man-made materials ranging from fragile fibers to the exotic materials
needed for space exploration.

Automation Systems develops innovative answers to challenging manufacturing problems
for which there are no "off the shelf" solutions. IAS designs, builds, and
installs custom automation, laboratory automation, and machine vision systems.

IRORI provides
leading edge combinatorial chemistry technology to the pharmaceutical industry. The
AccuTag™-100 Combinatorial Chemistry System, the company’s first product, was
introduced in mid 1996, and is now in use at large and small pharmaceutical and drug
discovery companies worldwide. Using microreactors and miniature electronic tags, a
directed sorting approach to combinatorial chemistry has been implemented.

Delivering world-class sample management
products and pragmatic automation solutions to our customers,
Kardex Engineering continues the
tradition of excellence that has been Kardex’s hallmark for more than a
century. We specialize in automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) that
provide working storage of multiple vessel types, including plates, tubes,
vials and Pico Tubes in a range of sizes and prices to accommodate any lab.
Biologists and chemists in Discovery protect their samples from exposure to
moisture and oxygen during processing with our line of equipment enclosures
and weighing glove boxes. Our fully-automated work cells allow unattended
sample processing and HTS in a contained environment, included automated
cherry picking for confirmation testing. Our lab automation engineers have
delivered award-winning products to the manufacturing and pharma industries at
ultra-competitive pricing.

KBiosystems  manufactures
robots for medium to high throughput laboratory automation. Our products
include the Duncan high throughput PCR thermal cyclers, the K-Core 2D Gel
cutter, the Preptide proteomics robot and the K2 and K3 colony pickers,
arrayers, re-arrayers and replicators.

A complete up to date source for lab automation building blocks.

Labman Automation
is an innovative, dynamic, ISO9001 robotics company with over two
decades of experience in manufacturing complete automated systems. Labman
designs and builds unique `turnkey’ systems. The range of expertise at
Labman is both diverse and flexible and the modular construction and
scalability of the Labman systems ensure adaptability to any application.
Particular strengths include: High-throughput screening; Microarrayers;
Analytical sample preparation; Powder feeding and dispensing; Weighing/labelling.

Automation, Inc. was established to automate labour intensive, tedious and sometimes
hazardous laboratory procedures associated with pre-analytical specimen preparation for
clinical testing.

LEAP Technologies,
Inc. provides Front-End automation for chromatography, mass spectroscopy, elemental
analysis, and other analytical techniques. We specialize in applications that demand
reliability, flexibility, precision, and high throughput. Custom solutions are available
for non-standard sample preparation and loading problems. We work with major
chromatography and mass spectroscopy companies to provide total integrated solutions for
critical automation applications.

Today’s laboratories are working with a diversity of
products and in a range of technologies never imagined a short time ago. Matrix Technologies is keenly aware of these
advancements and has responded with a complete - and unique - product line that provides
three distinctly different levels of pipetting technology to serve all your liquid
handling needs. Pipetting solutions have been created for manual, "Speedamated"
and automated applications.

Robots is an engineering-based company that manufactures robots, special
equipment, and turnkey automated systems for a variety of industries
including: electronics, medical, semiconductor, biotech, etc.

The PA-10
from Mitsubishi is a powerful
super-lightweight 10kg robotic arm with 7-axis redundancy control that can
be controlled by a PC or a built in control unit. The PA-10 is a useful
addition in any research lab. It can also be used in industrial
applications. Important features that make the PA-10 useful are its
innovative open system and its flexibility with human arm like

MMB Automation has a broad range of talent and experience in designing and
building automated production equipment. From integration of off the shelf
equipment to highly customized hardware and software solutions, MMB Automation
has what it takes to deliver. MMB has built and integrated equipment for
robotic assembly, molding, machining, welding, material handling, gauging,
testing and vision inspection. For turn-key, fully automated systems,
equipment upgrades or stand-alone machines, be sure to contact MMB Automation.

Proteomics has developed a fully automated, large-scale proteomics’
platform that seamlessly fuses ultra-sensitive mass spectrometry systems,
pathway biology, high-performance supercomputing, computational design and
drug screening technology.

Motoman is
dedicated to delivering high quality, innovative, automation solutions to help our
customers to be world competitive and to provide the highest level of customer
satisfaction in the automation industry. Motoman will achieve this mission by pursuing
economically sound strategies which embrace continuous improvement, invention, and
diversification in concert with perpetuating an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the
organization and developing a deep and mutual trust with our customers, employees,
vendors, and shareholders.

MTS is proud to
provide our worldwide customers with a broad range of products that improve quality,
stimulate innovation, and increase machine and worker productivity. We design,
manufacture, market, and service computer-based systems that determine mechanical behavior
characteristics and measure and automate processes. Over 30 years of experience allow us
to offer our customers products and services that share common technologies. We apply our
experience with these technologies to provide our customers with unique solutions to
difficult problems. We focus the application of our knowledge on the following markets:
Materials Testing, Vehicle Dynamics, Industrial Measurement and Automation, and Advanced

MWG BIOTECH AG - In the modern
laboratory automated processes are essential to achieve higher throughput and
more reliable results. RoboSeq® & RoboAmp® 4200, the molecular biology
machines from MWG Biotech, automate sequencing and PCR applications in
industry and research. The RoboAmp® 4200 is the only machine worldwide that
facilitates fully automated contamination free studies in the microplate. The
complete automation of every pipette and PCR step makes the MWG robot with
integrated Primus HTR thermocycler the ideal solution for high sample
throughput and maximum reproducibility.

Biosystems, based in Poway, California, is a developer and provider of
enabling technologies and automation systems for pharmaceutical, biotech,
agrochemical and academic research centers worldwide. Nexus Biosystems current
offerings include the IRORI® line of chemical synthesis technologies, the
Crystal Farm® line of automated protein crystallization products, and the
recently introduced Universal Store™ family of high capacity, high speed, next
generation automated sample storage and retrieval systems.

BioSciences, Inc. is a leading provider of products, services and
technologies for SNP scoring and genetic diversity analyses. Orchid has
developed SNP-IT, its proprietary SNP analysis technology, and markets
SNPstreamTM instruments and SNPwareTM consumables that rapidly generate highly
accurate, cost effective SNP information. SNP-IT is usable in environments
ranging from small-scale laboratories to large commercial facilities. Its
versatility also has enabled Orchid to partner with industry leaders to make
SNP-IT-enabled products available on a wide variety of instrument platforms.
Orchid also provides high throughput SNP scoring services to pharmaceutical,
biotechnology and academic customers through its MegaSNPatron facility, and
DNA testing through its GeneScreen facilities that conduct paternity,
forensics and transplantation testing. Through its Pharmaceutical Value
Creation business, Orchid also seeks to identify proprietary medical
applications of SNPs. More information on Orchid can be found at its web site

Panasonic Factory
Automation markets a full line of factory automation equipment, including Panasert automatic insertion and
SMT placement machines; CIM
software; Create advanced
electronic assembly equipment; Panarobo
assembly and arc welding robots, arc and resistance welders; and Panasonic Electronic Measuring Systems , and
newly-introduced precision equipment. By integrating these technologies, we are able to
meet the complex needs of today’s changing factories and ever-more-changing global

PerkinElmer Life Sciences
supplies products, services and technologies for functional genomics, high
throughput screening and drug discovery as well as for clinical screening.
Customers throughout the world are involved in a broad range of research
efforts connected with the treatment and cure of disease. Such efforts range
from discovering specific genes and understanding their function, to
identifying the biological targets for new drugs, as well as screening for new
drug candidates. Clinical screening programs carried out by our customers also
serve to alleviate or prevent disease by identifying those members of the
population most at risk later in their lives. PerkinElmer is a critical
partner to both scientists and clinicians who are working to improve human

Personal Chemistry,
developer of Coherent Synthesis™, is bringing new, faster solutions for
lead optimization to the pharmaceutical industry.  Coherent Synthesis™
offers faster chemistry developments in the post-genomic era.  The
Smith Workstation™ makes tomorrow’s discoveries possible today.

Robotics, Incorporated provides state-of-the-art manufacturing and
process equipment and production-hardened product design. Production
Robotics has served manufacturers since 1986 by providing the finest
specially-engineered machinery and product development service available. We
provide reliable contract engineering and manufacturing service to clients
in the biotechnology, diagnostics, microsurgery, pharmaceutical packaging,
food processing, electronics manufacturing and automotive industries and are
ready to contribute to your industry.

Corporation brings serious laboratory automation to today’s progressive
biotech, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical companies. Using the design
principles of industrial automation, Protedyne’s BioCubeTM
System combines powerful laboratory robotic hardware with a software
infrastructure that ensures complete data management and process tracking.
The BioCube System can be configured for applications in functional
genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and diagnostics.

QIAGEN Instruments is a new
division of QIAGEN formed from a union between the QIAGEN Automation Group
and Rosys AG. This union brings together hardware engineering expertise,
top-class production facilities, and experience in automating nucleic acid
and protein processing, and liquid handling. All aspects of QIAGEN
automation - hardware, software, applications, and support - are now under
one roof, enabling QIAGEN Instruments to provide complete system support
before, during, and after the purchase of an automated system.
QIAGEN Molecular Biology Workstations automate liquid handling and sample
processing for life science applications. The new BioRobot 8000 features
innovative, patent-pending technologies for fully automated nucleic acid
purification and liquid handling such as reaction setup. This system allows
rapid processing and routine use of 384-well formats.  Custom-designed
BioRobot 3000 workstations are tailor-made to specific application
requirements. The flexible, modular design allows adaptations to be made
easily and provides unlimited application flexibility.  The BioRobot
9604 is specifically designed to automate nucleic acid purification from
clinical samples and cell cultures. High-quality nucleic acids are ready to
use in the most demanding and sensitive downstream assays performed by
laboratories involved in molecular diagnostics and drug discovery.

RainDance Technologies
is a nanotechnology company devoted to discovering, developing, and
commercializing the precise manipulation of minute amounts of fluids in
microfluidics devices for a variety of industrial and research applications.


REMP, Switzerland
Specializing in laboratory automation and robotics, REMP supplies solutions
for compound storage and retrieval, compound cherry-picking, plate
replication and re-formatting, automated powder dosing, environmental
conditioning, and plate heat sealing and piercing applications. It also
provides consumables, accessories and service to complete its
customer-focused offering.

Rixan is the North
American Distributor of Mitsubishi Robots. These robots are widely used in laboratories to
do sample preparation, dissolutions, machine tending and material movement.

Scientific is a leading manufacturer and marketer of laboratory
equipment and specialty labware for HLA/tissue typing, molecular biology,
high-throughput genomics, drug candidate screening and chemical synthesis

Robocon Inc. with
offices in Vienna, Austria and Plymouth Meeting near Philadelphia, PA., specializes in
laboratory automation for pharmaceutical research, biotechnology and medical/veterinarian

RoboDesign International develops and manufactures automation solutions
for the biotech industry, and offers complete engineering consulting services.
Founded in 1997, RoboDesign redefines DNA printing technology by incorporating
next-generation DNA microarrayers in our DNA vision systems. Our fully
equipped manufacturing facility is located in Carlsbad, California near the
Palomar Airport.

Robotic Industries
Association, founded in 1974, is North America’s only trade association focused
exclusively on robotics. Members include leading industrial robot manufacturers, robot
system integrators, end users of robots, suppliers of robotic peripherals, robot research
companies, robotics schools and universities, and financial firms tracking robotics. RIA
sponsors robotics trade shows & conferences, publishes robotics books, collects
robotics industry statistics, and develops standards on issues such as robot safety.

a supplier of Advanced Robotic Solutions since 1985, manufactures and
distributes ready-to-use, powerful and expandable robotic equipments allowing
researchers to carry out their developments and experimentations, whatever
field they are involved, without worrying about hardware development neither
software tools.

RoboSynthon, Inc.,
manufactures the MultiReactorTM. The MultiReactorTM
is the first and the cornerstone of a line of combinatorial chemistry workstations for
parallel organic synthesis. The MultiReactorTM allows chemists
to synthesize twenty-four reactions simultaneously with precise temperature and magnetic
stirring in all tubes.

The MagNA
Pure LC from Roche
Diagnostics, a new system from the innovators of the LightCycler,
provides the solution for all real-time PCR formats and other applications
where rapid, automated precision is a must.

designs and manufactures lab automation products and custom engineering
solutions for biotech, laboratory, and semiconductor automation equipment and
robotics, including the latest protein crystal growth integrated storage,
retrieval, and imaging systems and crystal scoring software. RoboDesign’s
products enable researchers to quickly capture and analyze reliable data for
functional genomics, biomolecular structure study, and proteome analysis.

have been involved for many years in the field of laboratories and automation.
This combination of experience and expertise is used to create automated
applications for laboratories. using our experience we have been able to
design a range of standard products to automate many applications widely used
in laboratories. If one of our standard products is not appropriate for your
specific application, Rohasys can design a bespoke product involving the
research, design, engineering, manufacture and maintenance.

RTS Life Science provides
automation systems and products for drug discovery and delivery
applications. RTS Life Science is a major supplier of automated systems and
products for large scale sample storage and testing within the laboratory
environment, our market encompasses drug discovery and delivery applications
within pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies; sample preparation and
storage for medical research, clinical trials, pharmaceutical manufacturing
and biobanking applications.

Our main focus lies in providing industrial quality automation products
and solutions for:

* Automated sample storage, retrieval and management

* High throughput and ultra high throughput screening

* Drug Delivery Automation

* Automated blood fractionation


Robotics is a worldwide provider of precision, industrial robot systems for the
assembly, handling, fabrication and positioning of small parts, typically weighing in the
1 to 10 Kg range. Having sold its first commercial robot system in 1981, Sankyo has since
installed over 12,000 robot systems worldwide, including over 3,500 through an
OEM relationship with IBM. Sankyo’s robots have been very successfully installed in
many different industries, including automotive, electronics, computer, semiconductor, and

Scinomix is an engineering and software
company providing automation, laboratory information management system modules
and consumable product design to the Biotech industry.

Sias AG is a new company developing and producing robotic laboratory
automation , and is based in Hombrechtikon, Switzerland. Xantus is a unique
new modular concept for integrated automation of liquid handling and analysis,
and is available as a free standing workstation, or as a platform for OEM

has established an excellent international reputation as a specialist in the
development and production of sophisticated test appliances and automated
systems. We work with major pharmaceutical companies to develop customized
hardware/software solutions for their products.

Robotics: Robotic lab automation systems, plate stackers, scheduling
software, labware (microtiter plate, vial, bottle, slide) handlers,
dispensers, marking (inkjet, laser and labeling), automated packaging
equipment, robots and custom machinery development.

experience in robotics goes back to 1982 when it became a successful distributor for
Unimation, the world’s first industrial robot company. At the end of 1988, Stäubli
purchased Unimation from Westinghouse forming today’s Stäubli Unimation. In 1992,
following three years of Research & Development, Stäubli Unimation launched the RX
series of six axis robots. Robotics Operations are centered in an ISO 9001 certified
facility located in Faverges, in the heart of the French Alps. Production capacity was
recently doubled to reach 1,400 robots annually. Today, over 7,000 Stäubli Unimation
robots have been installed worldwide.

ST Robotics was
created in England in 1985 with the objective of producing standard "bench top
robots". Commercial activities have brought us in to contact with many non standard
applications and this experience has been invaluable for development of reliable
performance enhancing technology.  Besides the bench top robots R16 and R17 and the
bench top version of the Cartesian R15 we now make much larger Cartesian R15 robots with
high speeds and payloads including gantry format robots.

Under the brand name
a large portfolio of instruments and systems is marketed. Originally TECAN AG
(Hombrechtikon, Switzerland) was the synonym for Robotic Sample Processors for automated
liquid handling while SLT (Salzburg, Austria), acquired by TECAN in 1988, was a leading
manufacturer of Microplate equipment such as Readers and Washers. Stand alone microplate
and liquid handling instruments are supplied by TECAN, which now acts as a single unit.
These instruments can be integrated into systems, either immediately or at a later stage,
as our customers automation needs change.

The Automation
Partnership produces and supports a range of unique automated
systems aimed at the business needs of the world-wide pharmaceutical and
biotechnology industries. We have a successful track record in automating
and integrating processes for cell culture, compound and sample management,
liquid handling and ultra high throughput screening.

Technology Partnership has been supplying advanced products used in
drug discovery to the pharmaceutical industry for over 10 years. This has
included compound storage and retrieval systems, the latest of which is comPOUND;
automated compound synthesis systems (Myriad);
high throughput screening systems (Acumen);
and ACE, a next generation solution for drug discovery and knowledge

is a rapidly growing automation supplier for the Pharmaceutical and
Biotechnology Marketplace. We are an entrepreneurial company driven by a
determination for excellence and innovation. Fundamental to TekCel’s vision
and mission is using vertical space to make all of our products small,
mobile and lower priced than competitive systems with the same
functionality. TekCel product solutions have unprecedented functionality in
the smallest footprint in the market. TekCel manufactures a family of
self-contained robotic workbenches, which we call TekBenches™. These
products include: Liquid Handling and Assay Development, Assay TekBench,
Automated Microplate Sealing/Resealing, SealTite™ Microplate Cover, Storage
and Retrieval System, PlateServer, and PlateStore.

offers sample preparation and analysis technologies, including: Purge and
Trap, Headspace, Air Analysis, Total Organic Carbons (TOC), Solid Phase
Extraction (SPE), Laboratory Products.

Thames Engineering
and Design, LLC. has developed many custom designs for sample preparation and
microplate handling systems for integrations with existing liquid handling systems with
the focus on throughput and high reliability. We build elevated multiple microplate
hotels, high speed stepping conveyors, heating and cooling devices and controls, custom
software developments, original image processing, and full automated systems to your

Titertek Instruments,
Inc. is a new company with 30 years of experience and a world renowned name! It was
formed in early 1996 as the result of an employee buy-out of the ICN Biomedicals
Instrument Division. Titertek supplies products for assay processing, sample handling, kit
production and end-point detection to diagnostics manufacturers, clinical and research
laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies. 

Tomtec is a leading
company with over 30 years of experience in laboratory instrumentation. Tomtec
manufactures a complete line of liquid handling systems including harvesters, 96-well
pipetters, 384-well pipetters, plate washers, and robotic components and systems.

Instruments Inc. - "Automating Your Ideas"

Universal Technology Inc. is a North American-based supplier of turn-key
automated systems, specializing in vertical and narrow-aisle storage &
retrieval solutions. With its experienced team of engineers, UTI can provide
an "off-the-shelf" or a customized solution to satisfy a customer’s needs.

designs, manufactures and distributes high qulaity, industrial scale lab
automation solutions to the life sciences and genomics industries.  We
have developed a suite of high performance lab automation tools that deliver
a quantum improvement in the throughput and efficiency of today’s

supplies a range of sophisticated systems and solutions for applications in
biotechnology, modern drug discovery, combinatorial chemistry, screening and
synthesis, and standard laboratory automation. As a customer you get reliable
hardware and excellent software and premium support backed by 30 years
accumulated experience in automation and liquid handling.

These web sites are full of links to many
pharmaceutical  and biotechnology companies worldwide.

Bio Online Corporate
Biotech provides information concerning companies in and serving the life sciences

Limited intends to establish an interactive, one-stop location on global biotechnology
activities. To date we have identified over 300 companies starting with "A" to
"E", of which 170 are linked to their respective web site and 110 to NASDAQ.
Over the next three months we anticipate that over 2500 companies will be listed on
Bio-Corporate and that several companies and organisations will be actively participating
in our BioLogo scheme, Bio-Wire, Bio-Vacancy and Bio-Mart services.

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Links, RUU Pharmaceutical Companies Links,
Chugai Pharmaceutical Links,
InfoLink, and

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