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Welcome to 21
CFR Part! Our goal is to provide a Web site where people can
access information on the rule and actively discuss issues and concerns with
industry peers and government regulators. We encourage the community to help
us broaden the knowledge base by contributing articles, papers and
presentations regarding 21 CFR Part 11 and its impact on the GxP

The American Association
for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is a nonprofit professional society dedicated to
the advancement of scientific and technological excellence across all disciplines, and to
the public’s understanding of science and technology. AAAS is among the oldest societies
in America, having been founded in Philadelphia in 1848. Many of today’s most prestigious
and influential scientific societies have their historical origins in AAAS.

The American Chemical
Society was founded in 1876 and is a not-for-profit organization. It is the world’s
largest scientific society and has a membership of over 151,000 chemists and chemical
engineers. The American Chemical Society was chartered by a 1937 Act of the U.S. Congress.
The Society is recognized as a world leader in fostering scientific education and
research, and promoting public understanding of science. The
North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society
is the largest section in the nation!

AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR CELL BIOLOGY was founded in 1961 to bring the
varied facets of cell biology together. The Society’s objective is to
provide for the exchange of scientific knowledge in the area of cell
biology. It does so through the scholarly dissemination of research at its
Annual Meeting and in its publications, and strives to ensure the future of
basic scientific research by providing training and development
opportunities for students and young investigators, and also by keeping
Congress and the American public informed on the importance of biomedical

The Association for
Laboratory Automation (ALA) was created to advance the world-wide utilization of
automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence in order to improve the quality,
efficiency, and relevance of laboratory analysis.

Automation & Robotics Research Institute (ARRI) is the premier applied
research, education and technology center in the Southwest. The Institute
prides itself on its proven track record of performing world class research
for customers, as well as, its ability to transfer technology to industry
quickly and effectively.

The Berkeley
Lab - Engineering Science Department - Bioinstrumentation Group comprises physical
scientists, mechanical, electrical and software engineers, and technical specialists. It
is engaged in a number of projects for the automation of molecular biology procedures,
both for Life Sciences activities within LBNL and also for external private-sector
organizations. These activities involve the design and fabrication of systems for
automating repetitive procedures, the development of improved hardware to extend the range
of applicability of existing commercial equipment, and the development of integrated
software systems and databases to control and monitor experiments. We employ commercial
automation components wherever possible, and design our own custom hardware and software
to integrate these elements into the final system. Instrumentation units may be designed
for stand-alone operation, or for integration into larger ensembles. In addition to
automation equipment design, there is a significant effort devoted to the development of
improved methods for mass spectrometry for molecular sizing, and fluorescence assays for
high-throughput screening and DNA sequence analysis.

The Biochemistry
Section of the New York Academy of Sciences represents a diverse group of people with
interests in biochemistry, molecular biology, biomedical research, and other related
areas. Our members come from pharmaceutical companies, universities and biotechnology
companies around the world. The most active members generally work in New York, New
Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Biofind is the Internet’s "one-stop-shop" for world wide Biotechnology
industry information. Biotech Rumor Mill
allows free public discussion of happenings in the commercial and academic biotech arena. Biotech Events is a
searchable database of exhibitions and events, together with detailed event information. Biotech Innovations If you have a research
project with commercial potential in need of venture capital or corporate funding, simply
note the outline details on our secure database. Biotech innovations will be browsed only
by genuine companies interested in funding innovative biotechnology research projects. Biotech Jobs is another searchable database
of Biotech jobs offered and jobs wanted. Healthcare &
Biotech News direct from the PR Newswire

BioMedNet - The
Internet Community for Biological and Medical Researchers.

Bio Online, the most
comprehensive Internet site for information and services related to biotechnology and
pharmaceutical research, development, and manufacturing. The site combines resources of
biotechnology companies, biotechnology centers, research and academic institutions,
industry suppliers, government agencies, and non-profit special interest groups.

Synergistic Designs publishes this centralized bioscience-specific "hub" site on
a daily basis. Check out Industry News
for up-to-the-minute biotechnology and pharmaceutical-related developments. Within BioSpace, you can also research the profiles of over
300 exciting bioscience companies, or tap into our vast industry resources.

The BioSpace
Glossary was developed to keep pace with the ever-evolving language of biotechnology.
The glossary is the most up-to-date glossary related to biotechnology and was developed
with four key benefits:

Easy Searching: Search by key word or phrase.

Learn the Basics: See a list of fully defined basic terms essential to
understanding the biotechnology industry. These are defined in simple, easy to understand

See Company Connections: See related companies which are doing interesting work in
a given area or related to a specific term.

Stay Current: Check out new terms and links and our term of the day. is a dynamic data-driven web site containing extensive links to valuable biotech
resources and up-to-date industry and corporate information. We are dedicated to provide a
high quality biotech internet information services to the biotechnology community. Visit now for biotech online journals, the biggest collection on the web! Check
out the latest biotech news! Post your corporate news and open positions for free! Join online discussion on gene discovery! Visit Biotaq career center to post your
job and Resume. Find out web site of biotech companies at Biotaq Company
Directory…Welcome to advertise on!

The BioTechnet
BioMall is a marketplace of Web-Based Biology Suppliers.

Industry Organization is the largest trade organization to serve and represent the
emerging biotechnology industry in the United States and around the globe. The
organization’s leadership and service-oriented guidance have helped advance the industry
and bring the benefits of biotechnology to the people of the world. As the leading voice
for the biotechnology industry, BIO represents biotechnology companies of all sizes,
academic institutions and state biotechnology centers engaged in the development of
products and services in the areas of biomedicine, diagnostics, agriculture food, energy,
environmental, and industrial applications. BIO is a vital forum and an invaluable focal
point to bring together the resources and expertise to meet critical challenges and serve
the needs of its members.

Healthtech Institute was established to facilitate the discussion and exchange of
technical and commercial information through the organization and sponsorship of
biomedical conferences. Heavy emphasis is placed on new products and technological
advances still in the evaluation stage, over a focus of products that have already reached
the marketplace. Basic research is also covered, but within the context of commercial
implications in the development of new products and technologies.

The mandate of the Canadian
Laboratory Automation Group is to:

* Promote laboratory automation in Canada and define common standards.

* Build a strong relationship for collaboration with vendors in order to
improve the applicability and innovation of automated technologies and

*Act as an automation focus point for new and experienced users through
information and knowledge sharing, relationships with vendors and personal

*Influence and define appropriate guidelines and compliance for automation
with regulatory agencies and governments. is THE gateway site for everyone
involved in combinatorial chemistry and high throughput screening. It provides industry
news, new product updates, supplier searches, upcoming symposia , published literature and
links to other combichem sites.

Lab: A free online information source for Combinatorial Chemistry, High
and Ultra-High Throughput Screening, and Lab Automation.

Center for Research and Education
in Bioluminescence and Biotechnology (CREBB) is a research and teaching
arm of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University.
CREBB conducts research in bioluminescence with emphasis on chemistry
molecular biology and industrial applications of the green-fluorescent protein
(GFP) and other bioluminescent molecules. Research goes directly into the
classroom via GFP-based kits that illustrate topics from cell transformation
to protein isoelectric focusing. The Center develops new methods for
laboratory instruction in biotechnology (secondary through post-graduate
levels) and applies these methods in the classroom. The green-fluorescent
protein (GFP) and other bioluminescence tools are used to arouse curiosity and
to stimulate creative inquiry. CREBB interfaces with more than 20
biotechnology companies to deliver year-round biotechnology short courses to
industrial scientists and to science teachers and their students.

The mission of the Dissolution
Discussion Group (DDG) is to provide an independent forum to freely discuss the
practical issues which challenge the pharmaceutical industry and affect the day-to-day
task of developing, validating, and performing dissolution tests and related chemical

The mission of the
Delaware Valley DMDG is to provide a
common forum for the many different disciplines involved in drug metabolism

The mission of the Federation
of American Societies for Experimental Biology is to enhance the ability of biomedical
and life scientists to improve, through their research, the health, well-being, and
productivity of all people. FASEB is a coalition of independent Member Societies that
serve the interests of biomedical and life scientists, particularly those related to
public policy issues. FASEB facilitates coalition activities among Member Societies and
disseminates information on biological research through scientific conferences and
publications. FASEB also offers Member Societies headquarters facilities, and operational
and logistic support.

& Sullivan is a customer-focused marketing consulting company with a
proud history. We have evolved from a company that focused on publishing
market reports into a full-service training and consulting company. The
transformation has been a success. We have greatly expanded our services,
the size of our staff, and the number of our offices worldwide. Our
relationship with our customers grows stronger every day.

is the premier provider of Internet-based courses that explain the latest
technologies and applications of biotechnology. Covering fundamental
concepts, our courses improve your ability to look at the scientific,
business and legal implications of modern biotechnology with a critical eye.
GeneEd’s courses cover an array of subjects, including genomics,
combinatorial chemistry, immunotherapy, human gene therapy, DNA diagonostics,
drug design and many others that are organized to enable you to allow you to
create your own biotechnology certificate. Whether you are a scientist,
attorney or an investor working in the biotechnology sector, or just someone
who is interested in biotechnology, let us teach you the science you need to

The Genome
Chip (DNA Microarray) Web site is a simple, printer-friendly site
created and maintained by Leming Shi, Ph.D. You’ll find the basics on DNA
microarray technology and a list of academic and industrial links related to
this exciting new technology.

A review of equipment at Harvard Medical
School’s Institute of Chemistry and Cell Biology

Molecular Target Laboratory. is a FREE
information service provided by Technology Networks Ltd. We aim to provide
interesting content specifically for HTS professionals including : Industry
News, New Product Information, Supplier Directory, On-line Product Catalog,
Jobs (advertise FREE), Books, Journal listings, Upcoming Symposia, Links to
other sites of interest.

Begun in 1990, the U.S. Human Genome Project is a 15-year effort
coordinated by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health to

* Identify all the estimated 80,000 genes in human DNA,

* Determine the sequences of the 3 billion chemical bases that make up human DNA, store
this information in databases, and develop tools for data analysis.

IBC‘s biomedical
conferences provide in-depth updates on the research and development of prophylaties,
diagnostics and therapeutics for a variety of technological applications and disease
states. Topics covered include: drug discovery/development, genetic advancements, cosmetic
R & D and data from clinical trials. Programs are designed to spur commercial
development of promising technologies by presenting new understanding of basic science,
clinical research and industrial applications. These meetings ensure that your
organization, whether a major pharmaceutical/biotechnology company or academic/government
institution, has the information necessary to explore new opportunities.

Robotics and Automation Society was established in 1989 and has approximately 7000
members worldwide, who come from universities, government, medicine, transportation,
electric utilities, and R&D companies ranging from multinational giants to individual

The Institute for
International Research (IIR) is the world’s largest international information company
with a global network of offices in 36 countries including the United States, Canada, The
United Kingdom, Germany, Asia, Australia, Latin America, and the Middle East. As an
independent, privately owned business, IIR delivers up-to-the-minute business information
to senior executives on critical issues shaping today’s marketplace. Our conferences,
training courses, seminars, exhibitions and publications provide cutting edge and timely
information on strategic, legal, financial, technical and product issues — whatever our
market demands. In 1996 alone over 450,000 business executives throughout the world
attended IIR events.

Institute of Validation Technology (IVT) publisher of the Journal of
Validation Technology and the Journal of GXP Compliance, is dedicated to
expanding the global knowledge base for validation and compliance
professionals in FDA-regulated industries. Through educational publications,
timely conferences, and other informational products, IVT stands alone in its
quest to continually advance validation technology and practice, as well as
help assure compliance with FDA regulations.

International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories

Dissemination of information on repository management issues

Education and sharing of information

A voice for repositories - to influence regulations on shipping, human
subjects, etc.

Development of consensus standards

Provision of a central resource for existing repositories with information
about their holdings

Eventual goal of accreditation and certification of repositories

The Knowledge Foundation

* Specializes in the production of conferences and newsletters

* Drives promising technologies into commercial implementation by identifying key market
opportunities and catalyzing industry collaboration

* Brings together industry, government and academic research organizations to spur the
commercialization of advanced technologies

* Delivers information on very specialized topics that are often not served by existing
industry associations or conference organizations

* Provides an unbiased forum for the assessment of new technologies and their potential

The Life Sciences Research group is a consortium
of people representing pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, software vendors
and hardware vendors from all over the world who are working together within the Object Management Group (OMG) to improve communication and
interoperability among computational resources in life sciences research.

The Massachusetts
Biotechnology Council is a private not for profit trade association representing
Biotechnology companies in Massachusetts. At the MBC, our very essence is to help our
member companies and the biotech community to continually improve and enhance the capacity
for life in areas that span from the environment to agribusiness, diagnostics to
therapeutics and pharmaceuticals.

The Medical
Automation Research Center is a research, development, and consulting organization. As
a non-profit independent center, we provide our industrial partners with innovative
solutions to medical automation problems. MARC’s mission is to:

* Develop automation and robotic systems to reduce the cost and improve the quality of
health care.

* Apply process control, scheduling and optimation tools to health care delivery.

* Improve use of diagnostic information using innovative information processing and

* Apply advanced imaging and vision-guided robot control to health care delivery

* Provide and enducational center where investigators learn the use of advanced automation
techniques and provide robotics education to hospital faculty and staff.

The MGuide - The Brown Lab’s
complete guide to microarraying for the molecular biologist. Build your own arrayer and

Nature Buyers Guide
- Guide to Sample Preparation Systems for Natural Sciences

NCCLS is a global,
interdisciplinary, nonprofit, standards-developing and educational organization that
promotes the development and use of voluntary consensus standards and guidelines within
the healthcare community. It is recognized worldwide for the application of its unique
consensus process in the development of standards and guidelines for patient testing and
related healthcare issues. NCCLS is based on the principle that consensus is an efficient
and cost-effective way to improve patient testing and services. (Note - NCCLS has a
component of laboratory automation standards)

Network Science
Corporation, a non-profit organization, was founded to assist in science education by
supporting the development of science and technology, by facilitating the timely exchange
of information as a means of enhancing professional development, and by fostering public
awareness of advances in the therapeutic management of diseases.

The Northern
California Pharmaceutical Discussion Group fosters gaining education and knowledge in
the pharmaceutical sciences. Our meetings provide a local forum at which persons
interested in the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences may meet in professional and
personal fellowship.

Online Biotechnology
Resources by Kevin Ahern

Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited
directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global
community of volunteer editors.  See the category for

Top: Science: Instruments and Supplies: Laboratory Automation and Robotics has the world’s largest online database of
pharmaceutical and medical abbreviations - over 56,000 and growing. Our
database is updated daily to include new acronyms and abbreviations and their
meanings. Our resource is free to use, allowing people to instantly look up
meanings for acronyms and abbreviations from the fields of medicine, pharmacy,
biotechnology, agrochemicals, healthcare and more.

Polypops Development
Foundation details the "History
of Microplates".

The Robotics and Automation
Laboratory (RAL) and Mechatronics Laboratory
(ML) have been established in 1982 and 1995, respectively. They both share a common
mandate: to conduct fundamental and applied research in the science of robotics and
automation; to educate at the graduate and undergraduate levels in the field of robotics
and automation; to conduct industrial research and development under contract.

Robotic Industries
Association, founded in 1974, is North America’s only trade association focused
exclusively on robotics. Members include leading industrial robot manufacturers, robot
system integrators, end users of robots, suppliers of robotic peripherals, robot research
companies, robotics schools and universities, and financial firms tracking robotics. RIA
sponsors robotics trade shows & conferences, publishes robotics books, collects
robotics industry statistics, and develops standards on issues such as robot safety.

SamplePrep Web at Duquesne
University for information regarding analytical sample preparation, speciated analysis,
trace analysis and microwave chemistry.,
an independant, consumer based, website for laboratory scientists from all disciplines.
Find out information about the companies and products that suit your needs! Read other
consumer’s product evaluations and leave comments of your own. Use the onsite resources to
help in research and read the latest news and employment opportunities from the science
industry Search our extensive worldwide data base of conferences and other events.

The mission of the Society
for Biomolecular Screening is to enhance the identity and status of the High
Throughput Screening profession as a collective group, and consequently, the identity of
its individual members. In the process, the SBS will promote and maintain high standards
of professional ethics and educational and informational exchange.

The Society of Chemical
Industry is an international association of individual members with headquarters in
London. Ever since its foundation in 1881, SCI’s principal object has been to further the
application of chemistry and related sciences for the public benefit. The Society provides
an important interface between industrial, academic and other interests. Although the
majority of SCI’s activities still take place in Great Britain, 25 per cent of current
members live in other parts of the world.

Southern Research
Institute, with primary facilities in Birmingham, Alabama; Frederick, Maryland; and
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina is a multidisciplinary contract research
organization, and for more than half a century has been one of most well established
not-for-profit research organizations in the United States. A world leader in scientific
research, Southern Research’s technical areas - Drug Discovery, Drug Development,
Engineering, and Environmental and Energy, - are especially noted for their ability to
produce practical, workable solutions to difficult technological problems.

The Institute for Genomic
Research (TIGR)is a not-for-profit research institute with interests in structural,
functional, and comparative analysis of genomes and gene products in viruses, eubacteria,
pathogenic bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes (both plant and animal), including humans.

Combinatorial Chemistry Web Site

All the Virology on the WWW
seeks to be the best single site for Virology information on the Internet. We have
collected all the virology related Web sites that might be of interest to our fellow
virologists, and others interested in learning more about viruses. Additionally, we have
created an index to virus pictures on the web, The Big Picture Book
of Viruses, which also functions as a resource for viral taxonomy. A collection of
some of the best Online
Virology and Microbiology Courses available can also be found here, courtesy of Dr.
Alan Cann. If you’re interested in even more information, we have The Virology Bookshop,
an on-line microbiology and virology bookstore with a significant discount for our users.

Visual Basic for Factory, Laboratory and Industrial Automation Systems

The purpose of this section of our website is to promote the use of Visual
Basic (VB) for use in factory & laboratory automation. Although there are many
websites for other uses of visual basic, we have not found any other websites
devoted to factory & laboratory automation. Where it makes sense we reference
(link to) these other websites. We want to provide a forum for programmers to
share code, ideas, and other information that helps all of us.

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