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One of our major goals is to facilitate communication in the laboratory automation
community.  There are many ways to discuss topics on the LRIG web and elsewhere.

Discussion Group The LRIG Discussion Group is for comments or questions about
Laboratory Robotics, or any Laboratory Automation related topic. 
Discussion Web

The LRIG Discussion Web allowed for on-line messaging,
responses, and reviewing of past posts. It was active from February 1999 to
March 2000. It was replaced by Discussion Mail List. Archived messages
may be viewed here.

Message Board
This LRIG Message Board, which is now closed, was replaced by the
Discussion Web.  It was active from March 1997 to December 1998. The archived messages may be viewed here.

Swap Shop Bulletin Board
The LRIG Swap Shop Bulletin Board is for posting used laboratory automation
equipment for sale, or for posting wanted to buy notices.

Careers Bulletin Board
The LRIG Careers Bulletin Board is for posting your curriculum vitae or
career opportunities in Laboratory Automation.
Equipment Control Interface Specification (LECIS) Mail List
The LECIS Mail List is for comments or questions
about the LECIS standard. The ASTM E1989-98 (LECIS) standard
defines a uniform remote control interface for laboratory
Standards Working Group Mail List
The mission of the Microplate Standards Working
Group is to recommend standards to facilitate automated processing
of samples and assays in support of biomolecular screening.
Newsgroups UseNet Automation and Robotics related newsgroups, and other mailing


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