Ancient Tools Used by Ancient Egyptians to Build the Pyramid of Giza

The Pyramid of Giza is one of the gee monuments the world has. This article would show you the different tools ancient Egyptians have used to construct, design, and maintain this beautiful pyramid. Here we would see revolutionary systems of construction that were present for that period. They still captivate our attention until this moment.

The Tools Used to Build the Pyramid of Giza

These materials and tools were used to create wonderful constructs that were quite simple in concept and design. The typical pyramid was built using a variety of materials made with stone. Most of them were limestones of low grade and they were used in forming the core of the pyramid. The protective casing found outside the pyramid and the cover for its interior walls were created using white fine limestone. On a few occasions, pink granite was also used on the walls inside. The floors were most times made using alabaster or basalt. Normally seen in the temples of mortuaries.

The Stone State was a synonymous name for Egypt. There were a lot of limestones, though it was not of rich quality. They were usually regularly layered and very strong. These materials and tools had enough room for workers to make blocks. The workers used a lot of tools to create these. These tools included chisels, dolerite, copper pickaxes, and other tools made with hard stones.

One of the harder mining techniques was to get that of the fine white limestones. This was normally used to build places that were not close to building sites. One of the main origin points of these tools is located in the hills of Muqattam on the West Bank of the Nile. This stone at times is located as deep as 160 feet below its surface. One huge bit of a difficult task to get to. The Egyptians used caverns and tunnels to get most of these deposits in huge blocks. Then they break it down into small blocks so it’ll be easy to transport. A huge mud layer would be used in the facilitation of these block movements to the site of the pyramid. This is a simple solution to a serious issue.

Techniques Used to Build the Pyramid of Giza

About 318 pyramids around the area, we’ve got 118 in Egypt and 200 in Sudan that is publicly known. The techniques have simply been refined and made better, but never completely changed. Performing these techniques one is sure a team of specialized workers and engineers have been utilized to make these tombs. Each position and design is precise properly. Each great pyramid is all situated properly so each sideline is lined up using the four cardinal points. These pyramids have been around for a very long time, and their accuracy scares modern-day technology. Because they did it at a time when not a lot of technology was available, yet they got everything exactly the way their designs stated.

Ancient Tools Used by Ancient Egyptians to Build the Pyramid of Giza
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