Who to Watch Out for Among Robotics Startup Companies

It is no news that robots are taking over the world. In the last 50 years, people have seen a lot of manual, industrial, traditional, and conventional practices that used to consume a lot of time and energy transform into processes that take less time and with less effort, with a click or a button!

So, every day a lot of startup companies spring up in different hooks and crannies of the world that intend to use modern technology and artificial intelligence to automate processes, create a sustainable environment and make life generally better for people using robotics and similar technology.

So, what are the top robotics startup companies to look out for? What young robotics company is making a huge wave in the industry right now? Here they are, in no particular order.

5 Robotics Startup Companies

Badger Technologies

The retail automation sector is a massive industry, but Badger Technologies has decided to create a name for itself and stand out in the market. Owned by Jamil, Badger Technologies creates mobile service robots that go through stores to fish out obstacles, debris, or spills that could cause harm to consumers in the long run and also store employees. They are based in Kentucky.

Bizzy Robotics

Bizzy Robotics is one of the fastest-growing startup robotics companies. It is based in Berkeley, California, and was founded by Dan Oblinger and Joe Augenbraun. Bizzy Robotics is a Stealth Robotics Company that takes primary advantage of Retail Technology, 3D technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence to create waves in the industry. When you think of robotics, think of Bizzy Robotics!

Dusty Robotics

This startup robotics company has carved out its pie in the construction sector. Dusty Robotics’ mission is to automate some of the critical and difficult processes involved in construction. This startup came at the right time because the construction industry has, in a way, failed to keep up with other industries that have leveraged the use of modern technology to automate their processes. As a result, there is a decline in skilled workers, especially from the age of 50. But this is the gap Dusty Robotics hopes to close, and so far, they have been doing a fantastic job. The company is based in California and was founded by former CTO of Savioke, Tessa Lau.

Augean Robotics

How about a startup robotics company that uses modern technology to automate processes in the agricultural industry? Augean Robotics has made a name for itself by creating Burro, an autonomous mobile robot that carries heavy cargo and joins workers to the farm to free them up to do more important activities. It then memorizes the route and goes back and forth intermittently, doing the same thing. Augean Robotics is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Another interesting robotics startup company to look out for is QuadSat. What do they do? QuadSat is a commercial drone company that tests, evaluates and marks VSAT antennas and satellites, and they primarily focus on maritime and highly intensive aeronautical applications. It’s headquarters is located in Odense, Denmark.Love robots? Check out current robotics news!

Who to Watch Out for Among Robotics Startup Companies
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