What are Surveillance Robots Really Used For?

Typically, surveillance robots help with law enforcement and security. They are present to help personnel detect trouble while lawful citizens remain far from harm’s way. Keep reading to find out more about the uses of surveillance robots.

Knightscope K5 Robot in Traffic

Silicon Valley, California, has a startup company known as Knightscope, and they have been putting their efforts on the K5 surveillance robot. The aim of this is to aid the police in towns and cities, like in parking lots or shopping malls. It is one of the finest examples of how the efforts of human security personnel are augmented by robotic helpers.

These robots are normally a beautiful tribute to how wonderfully advanced technology has become. The Knightscope K5 Robot is one of the most advanced models, using a very fast computer processing network, greatly defined cameras, long-range sensors, and artificial intelligence. All of these abilities shows where the technology of the day is moving. In more ways than one, the Knightscope K5 Robot even shows a spark of what the future of IT and future cars may look like.

The gestures of surveillance robots like the K5 are all housed through a very smart machine which is re-routed to a server over a very high-speed network. When it is deployed, the robot must be coded to work in a hidden manner. Any issues with the coding would lead to very bad results.

The surveillance robot resembles Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet fame. This is because they both stand like a person and have a coned head. The K5 is about 5 feet tall, while RTR is about 7 feet tall. It has an imposing look as was designed by the creators. The K5 is what is intended to be the most special part of what the co-founder calls the optimizing of force continuum, like pushing presence.

Here are some tips on how the technology works and how it should be used.

How to Use Surveillance Robots

Protection, Surveillance and Monitoring

Surveillance robots help in making the U.S. a safer place by offering surveillance of areas to keep the police knowledgeable about crime. It has about four video cameras of high definition, which can record and monitor everything through a 380-degree circle around the robot. It also has high-definition GPS capabilities.

This is not like the GPS people have on their smartphone. This surveillance camera makes use of a different GPS, and it finds whatever you are looking for within close distances like centimeters. It helps the robot know exactly what and where something is moving at every point in time.

It also presents itself with an ultrasonic sense which is used in the detection of objects that are close to a robot, and those like a wheel odometer, which is used to know the motion of the wheels around.

These are the main uses of surveillance robots. What do you find most impressive about the K5?

What are Surveillance Robots Really Used For?
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