Top Robotics Companies

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Today will be talking about the top Robotics Companies available today. Their robotics companies would be explained by talking about their recent astounding growth and developments. Let? begin. 

List of the Top Robotics Companies

NVIDIA, U.S. based company

The Nvidia Corporation is also referred to as Nvidia. It is also a United States-based company of technology specializing entirely in selling and designing graphics interactively on computers, laptops, mobile devices, workstations, notebooks, and a lot more. The ISSAC SDK (Software Development Kit) available for the company provides different tools, including libraries, tutorials, and a lot of GPU-enabled types of algorithms which helps in the acceleration of robotics development and its applications. 

In 2018, the company fully introduced a brand new chip called the Jetson AGX Module from Xavier. This was also known as the go-to brain, which sponsored the next robots generation. All through the fiscal year of 2019, the revenue generated by Nvidia through United States Dollars reached eleven-point seventy-two billion. 

Microsoft United States America Company

Microsoft is a United States Multinational technology that licenses, manufactures, develops, sells, and supports computers and other associated services like electronics. The value is over one trillion United States dollars, and it is reported to have more than one hundred and twenty-five billion dollars from revenues in the financial year 2019. The portfolio of the company includes a lot of different products. These include the ROS 1 and the ROS 2, which supports Microsoft windows ten. 

In May 2019, a brand new platform was launched by Microsoft. This platform was used in building robots that were or are autonomous. These have been made possible partially as a result of the fact that the company had acquired the start-up known as Bonsai. This platform helps developers in training models which power autonomous systems physically. 

IRobot, which is also an American Company

This is another top and highly known robotic company. It is a company that specializes in building and designing robots. The company has various robotics products suites. These suites include those like the Roomba Vacuuming Robot available from the cleaning robot category. Presently, there are way more than twenty million robots that have all been sold worldwide. There are a lot of other products which are available from the list of lineups. These include the Braava family that consists of robots that map and robots that have advanced concepts like navigation and cleaning. Some of these robots also have proprietary technologies. These technologies help them serve well in their jobs. 

My thoughts on these Robotics Companies

There is no way on earth that I would have written this piece without including Microsoft. Hell, I am writing this piece using Microsoft Word. And the company keeps doing its best to make sure that all of its products work seamlessly and flawlessly. Microsoft and all other companies on this list are trying their best to remain at the top of their game, which is why they made it to this list of ours.

Top Robotics Companies
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