What is Pre-Medical Technology?

As the world advances into a new era, the health care system also advances. There’s an increase in demand for health-related services. Caring and competent individuals are especially needed in many areas of expertise, so if you are looking for a career as a healthcare professional, working in medical laboratories, there’s no better time than now. 

Medical technologists are the pillar of many medical laboratories and medic practices. Learning brand new analytical and technological procedures the medical technologist not only helps the doctor pinpoint, diagnose, and even treat the ill health of their patients, but it also plays a key part in monitoring the health and wellness of the patient.

What is Pre-medical Technology?

Pre-medical technology is a combination of science leadership skills and patient care. Collecting blood samples, spinal liquid, and microscopic cells are parts of the daily job for a medical technologist. 

You need to be passionate about science and have strong investigative skills to work in this ever-evolving field. The professional program prepares students in various pre-medical fields such as pre-med, pre-vet, pre-optometry, and many others, which allows them to gain their medical technology undergraduate degree from their various fields of study.

The program offers a unique tailored plan that will benefit students immensely, since it would fit the background and future goals in whatever area of expertise in the medical profession they wish to specialize in. There are two-degree options you can choose – an associate degree in medical technology and a bachelor’s degree in medical technology. But these degrees have their unique benefits, so according to your aspirations or goals you can compare the differences and decide on which you would like.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Technology

Though the bachelor’s degree takes up to four years to complete, it opens up more career opportunities. The additional years spent in school will help you gain more experience by observing professionals in the field day by day. These experiences benefit the student immensely, because it becomes the catalyst that would increase their determination to pursue the careers they aspire. 

The course work for this degree covers the higher level of subject matter like leadership, management, and complex issues in medical technology. Courses covered in a bachelor’s degree also include molecular biology, biostatistics, genetics, etc. Once you’ve completed your degree, you’ll be certified to work as a medical technologist.

The Associate’s Degree

This degree takes two years to complete, and it allows the student to gain well-founded education in liberal arts and science and work in lab settings. The first year of study offers courses such as math, English, anatomy, and chemistry. 

The student also delves into blood sample collection and fluid analysis. Other courses offered in this degree program include medical terminology, hematology, medical lab procedures, immunology, etc. Upon completion of the degree requirement, the student shall be prepared to take a professional certification exam and work as a medical technician.

If you love health care and you’re passionate about it, there’s no doubt this program is just right for you. Your passion will be the driving force that would make you excel in your career and the pay is just perfect. So what are you waiting for? Enroll immediately, and get your license to be a fully certified health practitioner.

What is Pre-Medical Technology?
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