Medical Robots and Other Advancements in Medicine

Advancements and medical robots in medicine are honestly taking over. Very soon with the way I see it, we might not even have real nurses or doctors anymore. It would just be tech, machines, and robots that would be treating people. What this could imply would be that we would have less invasive surgeries, more diagnostics, reduced rates of infection, shorter times for waiting, and the term de surviving would truly increase. These are all things one should be happy and excited about. Don’t you think?

Without thinking so much, look at the top advancements in medical Robotics which should change the lives of a lot of people and it could send doctors home to look for other methods of living. 

List of Medical Robots and Other Advancements in Medicine

1. DaVinci

Have you heard of DaVinci before? This has got to be one of the best ubiquitous robots. It could be everywhere at the same time. It blurs lines between medical tools and robots. This device is completely and fully under the control of the surgeon. Some advancements could get fostered and they are truly astounding. 

Making use of the DaVinci system, various operation types could be done by making use of small incisions. These incisions are done using epic precisions. These further imply the rate of bleeding would be less, one would get to heal way faster and the risk of infection would be reduced greatly. 

DaVinci has been in this world for about eighteen years now. It continued to increase its rate of advancement. There are high quick big tech companies that hurriedly are available at daVinci’s heels. They are present to develop systems that are similar and there are more autonomous features with more range of abilities. Lord knows what this field has in store for us all. 

2. Sensory and Actuated prostheses

The prosthetics field has grown and advanced so much all through some years. The question present is not can one create a proper limb replacement. The question presently available is, can one create something better than what nature has provided for us?

Researchers have created gyroscopic robotic limbs from the MIT Biomechatronics lab. These limbs can fully track their position using three-dimensional space and they can fully adjust their joints upwards about seven hundred and fifty times by the second. 

I have nothing to say but to hail the efforts of technology. I mean someone might have lost their limbs either their hands or their legs and then technology is creating versions which people can go and live their normal lives. That is nothing but wonderful and I hope these advancements keep progressing. For the real-life nurses and doctors that could get put out of a job. They could instead learn how to master and make use of these technological advancements and upgrade the skills they have to fit into what the economy is turning into. An economy that would be fully functional using technology to the east the life of mankind.

Medical Robots and Other Advancements in Medicine
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