Essential Medical Gear for Sleep Apnea

If you have sleep apnea, it is important to see your doctor to recommend things to use. For those cases that are mild, you may need to change your lifestyle. You may have to stop smoking or lose weight. It is important to speak to your doctor.

If you fall under those that have nasal allergies, you may need some treatment from your doctor for this. If you notice that your sleep apnea is not mild, you may need some essential medical gear for sleep apnea. This should go a long way to help. Before you choose any essential medical gear for sleep apnea, it is advisable that you talk to your physician.

What’s a CPAP?

A CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, is great for those with sleep apnea. This moves the air pressure via the mask when you are asleep.

It ensures that your upper airway passages are not blocked. This way, you won’t snore or have sleep apnea.

This is a common form of sleep apnea, but it does not sit well with many people, because they feel that it is stressful. Many people are not comfortable with this large and awkward device.

Initially, some people are not open to using it, but after a while, they get used to it. All they need to do is to change the tension of the straps on the mask. This will ensure that it fits them well.

You should consider checking out more than one mask to know which will be comfortable for you. You should consider discussing this with your doctor.

If after using this and you are still snoring, more need to be done. You may have to change your lifestyle as well, including adding more exercise to your regimen. If you are uncomfortable in a CPAP, make sure you tell your doctor. You may need a different mask. If you have added weight, you may need some adjustment to your machine or mask. Discuss with your physician immediately.

Other Airway Pressure Devices

For those that have tried to use a CPAP machine, and it seems stressful, it won’t be a bad idea to try out other options. You may have to opt for another kind of airway pressure device. This type will automatically change its pressure when you are asleep. You don’t have to deal with the stress of using a CPAP.

You will also have access to units that give BPAP, or bilevel positive airway pressure.

What this does is to give you extra pressure when you take in a breath and reduce the pressure when you release your breath. It does that while you sleep, thereby stopping snoring or sleep apnea.

Mouth Guard Device

You can also wear an oral appliance that allows your throat to be open when you sleep. It is not as effective as CPAP, but you can wear it comfortably.

You may come across those that bring your jaw forward, in a bid to open the throat. This can prevent you from having minor sleep apnea or snoring.

You can talk to your doctor to have access to this.

Essential Medical Gear for Sleep Apnea
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